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Specialising in Ethical Fair Trade handmade hippy festival clothing and gifts from Nepal, India, Thailand and Indonesia. Great looking unique hippie clothing.

Our family run online Fair Trade Hippy clothing and Gift store Mystical Mayhem Hippy Clothing UK started out in 2010 providing great hippy festival clothing. We have had such huge interest in our fantastic hippy festival clothing range that we decided it was time to bring our Fair Trade hippy Boho clothing store to our own new look website so we could provide the same great service to a wider audience.  We have now added a new gift range to compliment our great range of clothing.

Our aim is simple, to provide some of the best hippie Boho clothing and festival clothing on the market within the UK, along with great customer communication and customer service our customers have come to expect.

For years people have gone to festivals during the summer season and enjoyed great music, great friends and great clothing. We are proud to bring you festival clothing all year round. We work tirelessly to make sure our customers have a wide choice of festival clothing when ever they want festival clothing.

We are proud to bring you hippie festival clothes from around the world including India, Nepal, Bali and China.

We work very close with our suppliers in the UK to bring you Bares branded products including our best selling Nepalese collarless grandad shirts which come in a variety of colours and sizes including xxxl, as well as Gringo Fair Trade products which include their great Bali shrugs/cardigans, some fantastic looking hippie shoulder bags, waistcoats and much more.

We also source a large variety of unbranded hippie festival produce from Indian market traders who produce some great looking hippy throws as well as many of the great hippy shoulder bags we sell.

Most of our hippie products are handmade or hand dyed in the country of origin, and we clearly label them on the website for your benefit.

Our range of Fair Trade hippy Boho festival clothing is ever growing as we believe that people like to have choice in what they buy. With most hippie clothing shops you find a very small amount of clothing for men and a vast amount of hippy clothing for women . We are hoping to change that by giving men’s fair trade hippy festival clothing a place along side women’s; hopefully our hippy clothing shop does this.

We are sure that men and women alike will find our range of fair trade hippy and festival boho clothing brilliantly colourful, comfortable and different. After all hippie clothing should be fun.

For us festival clothing is a big part of our lives. We live in and wear this clothing all year around. We think festival wear clothing must look good, feel great, be as unique as possible and be good quality.

Our festival clothing range is always growing so we hope you can find what you are looking for. We hope you like our Festival Fashion.
Our clothes are great for any occasion, just don‘t blame us if you stand out wherever you go.


Unique Fair Trade Hippy clothing from some beautiful places:

Indian Fair Trade Boho Hippy Clothing
We work very closely with a supplier who comes from India.  He travels to India 4 or 5 times a year so he can stay in contact with the people who produce our wonderful Indian clothing range. In particular all our wonderful hippy inspired cotton throws are all handmade in India.  These beautiful cotton throws are all individually hand pressed via a process called screen printing.


Nepalese Fair Trade Boho Hippy Clothing
The Nepalese certainly know what bright and colourful clothing is all about.  You just have to look at the clothing styles they adopt and you will see bright fun and funky colour combinations.  Who better to producer most of our hippy clothing range.  Since Mystical Mayhem Hippy Clothing first started we have worked very hard to source the best in Nepalese clothing.  The quality is generally very good and colours and styles that are available are never ending.  We have a big say in the design process and have created a few designs ourselves we are always looking for more new and interesting hippy clothing ideas.


Thai Fair Trade Boho Hippy Clothing
Thailand is becoming one of our biggest producers of hippy clothing.  The quality is excellent and the range is ever increasing.  The Thai have a great work ethic and this really shows through in their clothing.  The Thai are responsible for a large selection of the hippy tie dye clothing we sell as well as a large selection of the hippy style dresses, harem trousers and much much more.


Indonesian Fair Trade Boho Hippy Clothing
When we first started we never really realised the full potential of the producers over in Indonesia.  But one things for sure and that’s these guys really know about funky hippy clothing.  We now source an ever growing list of fun funky hippy clothes from Bali. This includes some tie dye and patch work products.  The Indonesians are also responsible for our dreamcatchers.



Festival Time 2016
Yep it’s fast approaching festival time again.  We love this time of year.  So many festivals to go to and so much great music to be had.  We have made sure that your festival season will be just as great as last year with a fantastic range of hippy festival clothing.  Our cotton poncho range is also a best seller with people using these festival favourites as blankets and bed spreads.  We have a wide range of cashmilon blankets that are nice and warm as well as light weight.  The girls will be happy to see our funky festival shorts (found in the shorts and trouser section), these funky festival shorts have lace trim and come in about 10 colours.  We have many new jackets and tops arriving over the next few months as well as our ever present tie dye range keeping you bight all summer.  Whatever festival you make it to this year we hope you have a brilliant time and enjoy the music, the company and our clothes.




Fair Trade Hippy Clothing for men
Since we first started Mystical Mayhem Hippy Clothing we have aimed at providing an online presence for male fair trade hippy clothing.  We now stock hundreds of male products and each year we try our hardest to find even more great looking male hippy clothing.  We now have a male product category so as men can find the hippy clothing they are looking for that little bit quicker.  We are expecting some great new male products this summer so fingers crossed you like what we have had made up for you guys.



Fair Trade Hippy Clothing for Women
Well I’m sure most women know that there is an endless supply of hippy clothing for you.  As well as having your own specifically made clothing most of the mens range is unisex so you have a much larger range to choose from.  This does not stop us tracking down what we think are the best in female fair trade hippy clothing.  Year on year our range has grown and this year we have some great new female hippy clothing styles to share with you.


Fair Trade
What does Fair Trade mean?
Fair Trade means the clothes we purchase are made by producers who work closely with their local community.  No children are used to produce any of the products we sell.  The people who work for the producers are paid a fair wage and enjoy good working conditions.  We have representatives who have been working with our producers for many years and visit them many times a year to see how they are doing and make sure that the working conditions are still as they should and the people are happy.  We make sure we pay a fair price for the products and that the producers receive a large part of the money up front and then the rest before the items are shipped.  One thing we pride ourselves on is working with people who have the same views as us. We are interested in making sure these producers can continue to provide for themselves and the small communicates their work supports.  All the people who produce for us want to do is provide for their family’s by earning a fair wage in a safe environment.    



Hippy Fashion
The true ideas around hippy fashion goes back to the 1960′s when to jazz up old or worn clothing people would dye and adjust the clothing themselves.  Many hippies would buy clothing from charity shops and then alter the items to give them a more unique fun and colourful look.  Of course hippy fashion has changed so much in the last 50 years.  For one thing many people do not make or alter their own clothing any more as it’s time consuming.  That’s where Mystical Mayhem Hippy Clothing comes in, for me the idea of individualism has always been at the heart of who I am as a person.  I really don’t want to find people copying me and wearing the same clothes which is why my clothing style is very unique to me.  All of our clothes are handmade and so most of the product lines we sell are unique to each other.  Yes some will certainly look similar but they will always be different.  We love selling items of clothing that have not been massed produced to all look the same, this way we hope to keep the idea of hippy fashion alive for many years to come.  Fashions may come and go but I have always strongly believed that many people want to be unique and individual and not just wear the same clothes that are massed produced and found on the local high street.  Our clothes are an outward expression of who we are.  The hippy clothes I wear tell people I’m unique, I’m different and I like being individual.  Individuality breeds creation and new ideas, don’t ever be afraid to be yourself.  Wear your hippy clothes with pride and love the skin your in.


Fair Trade Hippy Gifts
That’s right Mystical Mayhem Clothing has now become Mystical Mayhem Clothing and Gifts.
We have started stocking a wide range of fair trade hippy style gifts for both men and women.  
Our range of gifts make great presents for the hippy in your life or just a treat for yourself.
Let us know if you can’t find the gift you are after and we may be able to stock it for you.

Bohemian/Boho clothing is clothing styled in a free and unconventional way.
I can tell you that there is nothing conventional about our bohemian clothing range.
Boho clothing to me has always been about providing clothing that can’t be found on the high street.
I have always liked the idea that clothing can be a massive form or expression.  Boho clothing
hits this nail on the head.  High street trends tend to copy each other and fight for what
is popular but a lot of people want clothing that stands out against the normal constraints of society.
Boho clothing is the way forward for people who want something a little different.


Anyway, we hope you like what we do as much as we do.
Mystical Mayhem Hippy Clothing
Making the world a brighter place to live

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Hippy Festival Clothing has never looked better.

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We try our best to bring you some of the best hippie clothes on the market along with great customer care.
We always value what our customers have to say about what we do.

We are always updating our hippie clothing range as we grow our business and receive new stock.  We wear this clothing ourselves so its real important to us to make sure we have a wide variety of hippie clothing for you to choose from.  As our hippie clothing shop is ever expanding please save our web address in your favourites and come back and see us again soon.  We are sure we will have some great hippie clothing that you will love.