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How to Bring the Festival Vibe Home

festival-flags-garden-party (2)Summer is over and so (pretty much) is the festival season. But there are ways to bring the vibe home and stay chilled (but cosy) until summer rolls around again.

Festivals are more popular than ever. We love them because of the music. We love feeling connected to a tribe of like-minded folks. We love that we get to have fun and be ourselves, with no deadlines, schedules or rules to interfere with our free spirits. We love the tasty food and funky clothes. But most of all, we love being a hippy – fun-loving and carefree – especially if we only get to let our (unwashed) hair down on those muddy, musical weekends. So don’t let that festie feeling go. Here are five simple ways to bring the festival vibe into your daily life:

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Staying stylish and smart at the Cornucopia Festival

Got a ticket for this year’s Cornucopia Festival? Lucky old you! Taking place on the weekend of September 23-25, it’s sure to be a fantastic and memorable way to round off your summer.

Although the last few months have been pretty good for us hippies, who love to feel the sun on our skin and the swishing of our maxi dresses, seasons are changing and there’s no guarantee that Mother Earth will continue to smile on us as we head towards the end of September. So, to avoid looking like a bit of a hapless hippy on Humberside, make sure you’re braced for all eventualities when heading off to what is one of the quirkiest festivals in the UK.
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Bidford Bash – September 2016

Bidford Bash PosterBidford Bash

Bidford Bash is an annual event held in Bidford-on-Avon which is a large village in Warwickshire.
Bidford-on-Avon is a wonderfully quiet village right on the river Avon. Everyone in the village is friendly and the atmosphere of the village is just lovely. This is the reason that we decided to buy a house here back in 2015 – we love it! There are so many places to explore. Walk for 5 minutes in any direction and you are in the country side 🙂

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Cider In The Barn 2016

Cider in The BarnCider in The Barn was held at Hitchcox Cider Store in Chalgrove, Oxford which was the perfect idyllic setting for this wonderful festival.

Just to give you a little bit of background – Cider in The Barn was born in 2015 and organised by Toby, one of the owners of the Hitchcox Cider Farm and Benji, a friend of Toby, my cousin, a Cider enthusiast and a member of the amazing band Eclectic. The festival in 2015 was just for friends and close family and went down really well which is why this year, they decided to try it out for the public to see how it goes with a view to trying to make something new and exciting that people wanted to go to. I have to say they succeeded. It was a brilliant day. The atmosphere was wonderful and friendly, the food fantastic, the bands were wickedly good and of course Mystical Mayhem Hippy Clothing was there 😉

Well I have to admit we were a little dubious as to how it was going to go.. It was our first ever stall at a festival, the first time that we had put up the stall and filled it with our wonderful hippy wares and, the first time that we had been let loose into the outside world…..EXCITED!!!!

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Are you off to Bestival Festival 2016?

Yes we know that Bestival is a mix of Best and Festival, the festival organisers Rob da Bank and his wife could be trying to make claim that this is the best festival out there, Hippy Clothing HQ are not here to judge but we have heard good things about this festival found on the beautiful Isle of Wight .  This is one of the last festivals in the 2016 summer festival calendar and is always eagerly awaited by UK festival goers.
Bestival Festival

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New Annual Cider Festival in Oxford

Cider in the Barn 2016
September the 10th 2016 brings the second year of Cider in the Barn held at the home of Hitchcox cider in the heart of Oxford.  To these guys cider is not just a a watered down apple drink but an explosion of fresh fruity flavours to be enjoyed with friends, music and great clothing.

Come on down to the farm on Saturday 1oth September to meet the guys behind the cider, take your taste buds on an adventure, listen to some great sounding live bands that bring you some fresh and funky sounds.  To help you get into the festival spirit Mystical Mayhem Festival Clothing will be there with a selection of festival threads to keep you cider drinkers warm (or cool) and happy. Continue reading “New Annual Cider Festival in Oxford” »

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Reading and Leeds Festivals 2016

One week to go until Reading and Leeds 2016….

Living in Camberley and Farnborough on the Hampshire/Surrey border for most of my childhood meant I was only a stones throw away from a place that became my festival home for many years, Reading festival was the biggest festival in the area and only a mere 30min train ride away.

Reading Festival at Night
Reading Festival at Night

Reading and Leeds festivals get underway the last weekend of August which also just happens to be the last bank holiday of the summer, if you ever needed an excuse to have a long weekend then look no further.

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