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Wool and Cotton Jackets

wool socks

Wool Jackets

–Wool Fleece Lined Jackets

–Cotton Jackets

–Pixie Hooded Jackets and Tops

Cotton and Silk Skirts


–Celtic Throws

–Elephant Print Throws

–Ganesh Throws


Wool/Cotton Socks

Shirts and Tops

Cotton Poncho

Acrylic Poncho


Shoulder Bags

–Collarless Grandad Shirts and Hooded Grandad Shirts



Hippie Clothes

Hippy/Hippie Clothing Fashion

Cotton Hippy Clothing

Hippy Boho Clothing

Hippie (etymology)

Pejorative use of the Term Hippie

Hippie Festival Clothing

Hippie Clothes

Modern Hippie Clothing

Nepalese Clothing

handmade nepalese clothing

Ethnic Clothing

Bares Product Range

Gringo Fair Trade Product Range

Hippie Definitions

Handmade Hippy Clothing

Cotton Hippy Shirts

Cotton Jackets and tops

Cotton Jackets

Hooded shirts

Cotton Throws

-Bares Male Alternative Hippy Clothing

-Bares Female Alternative Hippy Clothing

-Handmade Nepalese Clothing

-Gringo Fair Trade Clothing

-Hippy Festival Clothing UK, Male and Female Hippie Clothes

-Pixie Hooded Jackets and Tops 2012

-Ganesh, Elephant, Celtic Handmade Indian Throws, Bed Spreads, Wall Hangings

Male Hippy/Hippie Clothing

Female Hippy Clothing

Glastonbury Festival

Pixie Clothing

Hippie History

Festival Clothing

International Payment Guide

Returning faulty goods (this link is for use by people who have contacted mystical mayhem already)

Returning Items (This service cost £2.22)

Tie Dye Clothing

Mexican Jerga Baja Tops

Festival Clothing

Festival Clothes

Music Festivals

Rock Festivals


Pixie hooded jackets

Cotton and Viscose Kaftans

over the knee high socks

elephant print throws

Steel boned Corsets

Skirts and Dresses


Hippy Head Dress

Festival Clothing Range

Hippy Clothing Company

Gringo Fair Trade Products


friends of Mystical Mayhem

Baking Bits and Bobs

The Pocket Hip Flask Co