10 Home Remedies for Treating Sunburn

The sun is shining and with the best will in the world, some of us are going to get sunburn. Its got to be said us hippies love the sunshine, whether its to relax at your favourite festival, sit and read a book in the garden or find a beautiful spot for a walk we love being outside and that means we’re going to catch the sun at some point. Of course wearing some top hippie clothing to cover up as well as some sunscreen is going to help. But what if you didn’t cover up in time and caught the sun?

It happens to us all and so, this is why we thought we would share with you our top 10 home remedies for treating sunburn. Sunburn can happen extremely quickly so please, make sure that you take the necessary precautions and use plenty of sunscreen. Apply it regularly and wear a sun hat. Lots of people think that you don’t get a tan when wearing lotion however that is poop. You can still tan. I wear factor 30 and then drop to 15 and still get a  nice healthy glow. LOVE the summer!

Time to crack out my favourite Mystical Mayhem Hippy Clothing and be happy!

The sun is so good for your soul and amazing for your body. Keep protected and get out there to soak up some essential Vitamin D which we all need. Sometimes when you are feeling a little out of sorts and a little sluggish, you may find that you are a little low on the D so, what better an excuse.

We are sincerely hoping that you won’t need to use any of these however, if you do, they are all natural and skin friendly. They are suitable for use on all ages and skin types unless of course you are allergic to any of the ingredients. If this is the case, steer clear and try another!

10 home remedies for treating sunburn - Bath Tub

1) Take a Bath

Not just any old bath as if you are anything like me, a bath is meant to be very hot! You will need to make your bath nice and cool. Not cold but cool, lukewarmish. There are several things that you can pop in your bath to make it that bit better
– Apple Cider Vinegar: Add one cup per bath. A great astringent, apple cider vinegar reduced the PH levels and acidity in the skin, soothes the burn and promotes healing. You will find that some of the swelling and itchiness reduces.
– Oats: yes that’s right, oats. Sounds a little odd I know however you will be thankful for it afterwards.  Add 1-2 cups per bath of tepid water. Now you don;t really want to be taking a bath with lots of oatmeal floating around and sticking to you so, I would suggests popping it in  a sock and tying the top off. Let it soak for a few and then squeeze the sock to get the yummy goodness out. The carbohydrates in the oats will coat, sooth and heal your skin.  Soak in this wonder bath for around half an hours and then get out. If you can, air drying is best but if you need to pat dry with a soft towel. No rubbing!

2) Hydrate

Goes without saying really. Your body and your skin is dehydrated and so make sure that you are drinking plenty of water. Keep some by your side and take lots of little sips, often. You can also re-hydrate using food. Melons have a great water content, watermelons are the best followed by honeydew. Nom Nom!

10 home remedies for treating sunburn - Compress3) Make a Compress

Simple yet very effective. Again, this is another remedy where you have several options;
– Classic: Plain ole ice. Pop some cold water and ice into a bowl. Soak a cloth and then lay in on the affected area of skin. Repeat this every few minutes for around 10-5 minutes. You can do this several times a day.
– Chilled Milk: Milk is a great soother. Pop some chilled milk in a bowl, soak your cloth, drain any excess milk and away you go. the initial coolness of the milk will ease the heat to sooth your discomfort. It also creates wonderful layers of protein on your skin to protect it and to help it heal. Repeat as you would with iced water.

4) Cornstarch

Another classic kitchen staple that can help your sunburn. Cornstarch works as an anti-inflammatory. All you need to do it to mix it with some cooled water to create a lovely and cooling paste. The paste will draw the heat from your skin. Leave it on until the heat and pain has eased and then rinse if off with cool water. If you don’t have any corn flour then baking soda also works.

5) Tea10 home remedies for treating sunburn - Mint Tea

– Black Tea: We all know that black tea is full of antioxidants which are good for us. These are just as effecting when applying to the skin as a topical treatment as opposed to drinking it.
Brew 3-4 teabags in a pot of hot water. Allow to cool and then using a very soft cloth or some cotton wool balls, dab onto the burnt area. Allow the skin to dry and then reapply.
– Green Tea & Mint: The properties in green tea helps to relieve pain and help to heal the damaged skin. The mint in this concoction cools and soothes. Brew 3-4 green tea bags with 2 cups of mint leaves. Let the brew steep for around and hour and then strain. Pop in the fridge to chill. Once chilled, used cotton pads to apply to the burn. Allow to dry and repeat.

6) Natural Yogurt

Plain natural yogurt is excellent for the skin as it contains plenty of probiotics that help to heal our skin. Believe it or not, it can help you heal faster. All you need to do is wash your hands and apply the nice cool yogurt to your skin. Let it soak in for at least 5 minutes and then you can wash off with tepid water. 1/2 a cup will cover your face, you can work out the rest from there. Pat dry with a soft towel.

10 home remedies for treating sunburn - Cucumber7) Cucumber

Sooo good for you! Delightful and heavenly relief is what cucumber offers to burnt skin. Cucumbers have antioxidant and analgesic properties that promote healing and offer great relief from discomfort. There are several ways in which you can apply it top the skin. Whichever way you choose you will notice that the pain, swelling and redness diminishes pretty quickly.
– Sliced: As simple as that. Slice up chilled cucumber and lay it on your skin. Flip each piece when the side near you skin gets warm.
– Paste: Blend chilled cucumber into a paste and then apply. Allow to dry and then rinse off with cool water.

Instant relief-that’s what a cucumber is to scorched skin. Not only is a cool cucumber soothing to the burn simply because its cool, but its antioxidant and analgesic properties promote healing and further relief from discomfort. You can apply it in a couple of ways, but however you do it, the swelling, redness, and pain should diminish soon.

8) Aloe Vera10 home remedies for treating sunburn - Aloe Vera

Magical is what this plant is, pure magic and pure relief. There are so many things that Aloe is good for and burns is one of them for sure. Many of us have these plants are home as they are so easy to maintain. For instant relief, pick a nice big juicy leaf, split it down the middle and they lay flat on your skin. If you can wait a little while then extract the gel, pop it in the fridge to chill and then apply to your skin. Bliss!

9) Witch hazel

Another great plat that much like tea, contains tannins. This makes it a wonderful treatment. This ca be bought in most shops and when applied to skin using a cotton pad will soothe, reduce redness and promote healing

10) Stay out of the Sun

This is what got you into trouble in the first place folks and so, until the redness has gone, you need to stay out of the sun. if you do go out, make sure that you cover all burnt areas and apply lotion to those parts of you that will be exposed. If you continue to allow the sun onto your already burnt skin you can make it worse and it may increase your chances of skin cancer. Covering up with long sleeve light shirts, light and airy trousers and a hat will certainly help keep the sun for making the situation any worse.

We hope you have liked this look at some great remedies to helping heal your sunburn. What ever hippy festival you make it too this year just make sure to stay safe lovelies and just remember, lotion, hydrate, hippy clothing and shade!

We hope you have a wonderful summer

Peace, Love and Light xx