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120 Days of Predicted Cold and Snow!

snowSo it would seem that the UK news agencies have just predicted that we are to have 120 days of cold and snow to come our way in the next week or so… woohoo! to the snow, not so much the cold part though. I love snow – we never get enough although, 120 days seems a little extreme!  I keep reading reports that the forecasters have said that the weather conditions are set to be “potent” and “memorable”.
Probably memorable because we will all be saying “do you remember when they said it would snow” just like that time they said “the summer will be the hottest summer ever”, yeah we have your number weather forecasters.
So we shall see eh as they have been known to get these things a little wrong before.. let’s just take it all with a pinch of salt although, not too much or it might dissolve the snow! If this is true – we just need to make sure that we are prepared folks.

So what is the cause of the cold and snowy snap and how does snow form?  Well, snow is formed when the temperatures drop to a low level and there is moisture in the air. Usually this moisture is so cold that it is in the form of tiny little ice crystals. When these little crystals collide they stick together and become snowflakes. Now, it is only if enough of these little crystals get together to form the snowflakes that they are heavy enough to fall to the ground creating the wonderful white joyous snow that we love (well most of us).
The cause of the snow and cold that we are predicted to get is said to be caused due to the fact that the pressure between the Arctic region and Europe has weakened sufficiently to create a negative phase. This negative phase called Arctic Oscillation pushes the cold further and further south.
The Arctic is where we usually get our cold winters from however, it is said that it is going to be the coldest and the snowiest for a very long time.

So, how do you prepare – there is not really much that you can do considering if it snows it is not the end of the world, well it shouldn’t be anyway.  Government agencies and local councils are telling us they have loads of salt ready and waiting to grit our roads so with any luck we can all just carry on (maybe after one snow day though as those snowmen won’t build themselves). The main thing is making sure that you help to take care of those that are not able enough to get out and about in the snow, make sure they are warm and have the food they need.
After taking care of others, the next most important thing is to keep warm in some wonderful hippy clothing.

It just so happens that we have a whole plethora of lovely winter warmers for you and can help to keep the hippies warm this winter. We have everything ranging from nice warm socks and to woollen hats and jackets. We can keep you warm from head to toe. Here are just a few options for you;

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Hippy Jackets and Jumpers

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