Hippies absolutely love to travel and travelling for a festival is a great opportunity to not only see some great places but catch some great sounds as well. You can get to places in Europe within a matter of hours (quicker than travelling to some places within the UK) and so, if you’re into your music festivals then why not hop on a plane and experience one of the many amazing European music festivals. There really are some awesome festivals on offer for you to visit. Prices are on parr with hat we have here in the UK, some are cheaper and so the only difference is your flights….  Wohoo!

Not only do they have some fantastic lineups, but if you happen to choose one in southern Europe, then you’re almost guaranteed good weather. Hello great music and hello sun!

Here we take a look at 3 of the best European festivals happening in 2017.

Roskilde Festival
When: 24 June – 1 July 2017
Where: Roskilde, Denmark
Cost: £232

One of the biggest and most diverse festivals in Europe, it’s been wowing crowds for 45 years with some absolutely amazing line-ups. If you like a festival that is not all about the music where you can keep yourself and your friends entertained with a whole host of entertainment then the Roskilde festival is for you. There are so many things that you can do from crafts to swimming in the lake to fishing and you can even find a cooking course or 2 to keep you amused for a while. The site is huge with  whole range of camping options and even a supermarket built especially for the festival. With over 80 food stalls catering for all tastes you are well and truly covered however, if you want to cook for yourself they have cooking areas and equipment that you can use. Awesome!
Another reason that Roskilde is an amazing festival is due to the fact that it is not for profit!

Looking at the line-up for this year it look pretty special. My fav’s the Foo Fighters will be headlining alongside the brilliant Arcade Fire, Blink 182 and The XX  This year’s line-up includes some amazing acts once again including Arcade Fire, Foo Fighters, Blink 182 and Erasure. Also of course, you can wear your most favourite festival clothing knowing that so many people will be dressed similar in their hippy clothing.

More Info: www.roskilde-festival.dk

Mad Cool Festival
When: 6-8th July 2017
Where: Madrid, Spain
Cost: £130

A new festival on the scene, Mad Cool Festival is only in its second year. With the bands and location, I can only see this festival growing year on year and so,  why not go now and be one of the pioneers? This festival looks nice and easy to get to thanks to its location in the Madrid area. Unlike other festivals, Mad Cool Festival is a non camping festival – if you do choose to go you would need to find and book your own accommodation. Perhaps at some stage in the future they may be able to offer camping areas.  Being in Madrid, the weather should be very lovely…

Mad Cool festival have managed to get themselves a wkd line-up this year including Foo Fighters (yay!) , Kings of Leeon, Alt-J (who are amazing) just to name a few. =

More Info : https://madcoolfestival.es/en/home.html

Yaga Gathering
When: 3 August – 7 August 2017
Where: Dzukijos woods, Lithuania
Cost: Apx £70

Fed up of the humdrum of life in society, fancy something a little different? Well, boy have we found the festival to help you get back to nature. The yaga Gathering is a growing festival which prides itself on being family friendly and eco friendly. Yaga Gathering is four days of wonder in Lithuanian woods (wow) and is a combination of music, arts and alternative lifestyle. You won’t find big name acts here but you will find some amazing music, handicrafts, healing arts, holistic therapy and some amazing hippy clothing on offer too. What’s not to like? Camping, toilets and cold showers are available alongside varying different food and drink stalls.

More info: www.yaga.lt

These are just a flavour of some of the amazing European festivals taking place in 2017 but there are much more than these on offer and something to suit all tastes and lifestyles. Why not make your festival a European festival in 2017. Don’t forget to get your hippy clothing on and have a great time.