3 Festival Looks for Women

hippy-festival-womanIt’s never too early to start planning your festival outfits. And with tickets for our summertime favourites on sale now, we’re wondering whether to go hippy, gypsy tribal, vintage – or all three!
Festivals are challenging for the fashion-conscious – and a bit of planning works wonders.

All the sensible guides will tell you to leave your best clothes at home, where they’re less under threat from mud, grass stains and festival-related injury.
There’s also the issue of space. You can’t fit every accessory into that backpack, especially when you need room for warm layers. Still, you need to be able to strut your funky stuff!

Looking effortless is not always easy. That’s why we have a whole page on our website devoted to fairtrade festival clothes, bags and accessories. Plus, we’ve put together this handy guide to three of the best festival looks to help you choose your favourites:

Festival look #1 – hippy heaven

Hippy-womenIt’s the classic look for festivalgoers everywhere. No matter what you wear during ‘normal’ life, you’re sure to have tried the hippy look at your favourite festival. Hippy clothing is fun and easy to piece together.

Hippy fashion is playful and easy-going. The only rule is that there are no rules. Stripes and spots? No worries. Your patches don’t match? Relax. And, get your tie dye on. Lots and lots of tie dye is the best way to get that festival feeling when you’re getting dressed.

An easy-on-the-breezy hippie dress will keep you cool (in both senses of the word) in sunshine and can be layered over leggings if the weather turns. We love this peace sign dress.

You will need: all the tie dye clothing you can pack, a floaty dress and a hippy hat.

Festival look #2 – gypsy tribalgypsy-woman

This is our second favourite festival look, because ‘gypsy’ represents all the things we love to be when we’re kicking back in the summer sunshine, soaking up the vibe.

The gypsy spirit is free, non-conformist, artistic, eccentric and wild. And here at Hippy Clothing HQ, that’s fine by us!

Fair trade hippie clothing is your friend when it comes to rocking the gypsy look. Bright colours, patterns and flattering shapes are perfect. Take inspiration from nature with florals, feathers and gemstone jewellery.

You will need: a gypsy wrap skirt, a fringed leather bag, suede boots and tribal prints.

Festival look #3 – very vintage

Vintage, pre-loved and boho… these words conjure an image of effortless chic. Trouble is, it can all go very ‘second-hand’ – especially when your clothes have been living at the bottom of your rucksack or on the tent floor for a few days!

Our advice? Pick a decade. Or, pick a style icon to inspire you. Jimi Hendrix, Janice Joplin or Stevie Nicks are awesome people to start with (and we’ve already written a guide to emulating Jimi Hendrix’s rock star style). Yes, Hendrix’s rock star appeal works for women, too!

Base your outfits around authentic vintage fashion wins, from Jimi’s flamboyance to Stevie’s fairytale chic.

You will need: crochet, denim and a vintage belt to cinch in that kaftan dress.