Simple Ways to Find Inner Peace

BuddhaIt’s a new year, and with it comes new opportunities to live the way we have always wanted. Were you feeling less-than-awesome at the end of last year? Have you been meaning to get happy, relax and do more of what you love? Well, Mystical Mayhem Hippy Clothing have some great ideas for a brighter, healthier and more peaceful year…in just 3 easy steps that start with your morning routine.

1.     Declutter + reorganise for the best start to your day

‘…Clutter – from bad ideas and toxic friends to bad closets and a digital jumble – can affect life…’ – the Tao of Dana

It’s amazing how much clutter we own. From garages and sheds to cupboards and drawers, most of us are drowning in it. Clutter creates stress and is believed to block good things – such as wealth and happiness – from our lives.

If you think clutter is affecting you, start with something that will make a big impact on your day-to-day life – your wardrobe.

The de-cluttering mantra is ‘Do you need it? Do you love it?’ If the answer to either question is ‘no’, then it must go! But there are some things you need, but don’t need right now.

Sorting out your summer gear and festival clothing until you’re ready to wear it again is a great way to streamline your wardrobe without chucking out your favourite summer hippie clothes.

Picture this: you take a day to wash, dry (and maybe even iron) your favourites and store them away until barefoot season returns. This way, you’ll be ready to party as soon as the sun shines for more than a watery half-hour. And, while it’s still chilly, you’ve made getting dressed each day so much easier. Your zen wardrobe is bound to spill over into the rest of your life, instead of just spilling onto the floor.

2.     Squeeze meditation into your morning routine

Quieting the mind is a powerful practice credited with bringing inner peace when we’re feeling disconnected, anxious or unhappy. Meditation silences the ‘monkey mind’ – that aspect of ourselves that is pretty much always chattering away about mundane stuff.Waterlilly

Writing for Tiny Buddah, Luke Glowacki calls meditating ‘one of the most effective ways to find inner peace, relax, and cope with stress.’ With so much on our modern minds, it’s no wonder that thousands of hippies benefit from meditation.

The simplest way to meditate is to listen to your breath. As you breathe in and out, focus on this and nothing else. With a bit of luck, your internal monologue will simply fade away.

But how do you find time to meditate? This is a great post on alternative ways to meditate, including meditating while showering or brushing your teeth.

And for your evenings and weekends, get creative! Art and crafts are a proven therapy. While you’re crafting, you naturally relax. The monkey mind quiets. Plus, you could end up creating something beautiful that brings you peace every time you look at it.

3.     Ditch the technology!

A short daily tech ban can work wonders for your inner peace, and there’s no better time to avoid screens than first thing in the morning.

Scrolling through social media or checking your emails before you start your day is a recipe for disaster. If you let the myriad messages on your timeline or in your inbox throw off your groove that early on, you may not get it back.

Lifestyle gurus and health coaches alike recommend a tech ban in the bedroom for simpler mornings and better sleep at night.

Instead of screen-time, devote your time to you, and maybe a quick walk. You’ll top up your vitamin D levels and chill out in the process. Without the junk – physical clutter in your mind and your surroundings – you’ll be a peace-junkie in no time.