Ladies Outfit

Where oh where has the sun gone. The temperature has dropped and it is raining. What’s that all about?! The bonus to the rain is that I love the smell and it means that I don’t have to go out and water the plants 🙂 Is it just me or does anyone else love playing in the rain? Simon thinks I am a little nuts!

We have had some new stock through and so of course this week I would like to show some of it off to you in the form of a beautiful new jacket matched with some lovely Ali Baba trousers.

This week’s outfit is one to keep you a little warmer whilst we are having a little blip in the weather. The sun will come back I am sure……..
Our choices for this week are a pair of our wonderfully funky Elephant patchwork harem Ali Baba trousers and. On top we have gone for our new beautiful colourful striped embroidered sun hooded hippy jacket.

The cost for this lovely outfit is £47.48
SKU: FX048 No.06 – Elephant Patchwork Harem Ali Baba Trousers – £20.49
SKU: FX3769 No.02 – Colourful Striped Embroidered Sun Hooded Jacket – £26.99

Our wonderfully baggy harem ali baba trousers have all been handmade in India. Each paid has been made using different patches of elephant print materials to create these unique pieces of clothing.
The trousers are made from 100% and are medium weight which means that they have a nice weight to them and are not flyaway. Each pair of these unique elephant patchwork trousers have an elasticated waist and 2 side pockets which make great storage for those little bits you don’t want to put in your handbag.

Next are our brand spanking new Colourful Striped Embroidered Sun Hooded Jackets which have only just come in and so, we wanted to show them off as we think that they are just gorgeous! These jackets are made from 100% cotton and have been handmade in Nepal. The front of the jackets all feature a striped and ripped look effect along with a lovely embroidered sun. The pockets and the sleeves all boast overstitched patches creating a rather unique look. The backs of the jackets are all just plain black and are made from a softer and stretchier cotton that the font. We really do think that these jackets are great and are going to be a fantastic seller.

Now, we thought that as the jacket has a hood (and we are not sure what the weather is up to) instead of hats, this week we would show you some bags that we thing might look quite nice with this outfit.

Hippy Bags

The cost for these bags are as below
SKU: S/9100 – Nepalese Wool & Cotton Tibetan Style Passport Bag – £3.59
SKU: S/NP318 No.05 – Cotton Nepalese Peace Sign Patchwork Bag – £14.99
SKU: TIBCB-02 – Small Cotton Wheel of Life Shoulder Bag – £4.49

The Nepalese passport bag is one of our best selling bags as everyone just loves smaller things at the moment as they are soooo cute. These bags are made from a mix of wool and cotton and have been handmade in Nepal. These bags have a colourful Tibetan style trim and have a nice long strap so can be worn across the body or over the shoulder. Closes with a wooden toggle on a flap at the front. These small bags are just perfect for when you don’t want to carry too much but need just the necessities.

Our peace sign bags are all handmade in Nepal from 100% cotton. The cotton has been stone washed and as well as peace signs the bags all have a ripped look effect on the font, and on the straps. The back of the bags are just 1 colour. The peace sign and flowers have all been hand embroidered onto the bags.  The bag is lined and has one small inside pocket that zips closed. The main compartment of this bag also zips closed and has a coconut button for that extra bit of security.

Finally, the wheel of life bags are all 100%. These lovely round bags have the wheel of life design embroidered onto them on both the front and the back. Each bag has a long strap and closed using a zip.

Please note that all of the items shown here are handmade and most are available in varying different colours and sizes.