Gents Jerga'sEveryone loves a Jerga or so it seems.
This summer we are just constantly restocking these babies. Great look, lovely soft feel, amazing colours and maximum comfort – what’s not to like!

Jerga’s (pronounced Herga) originated in Mexico and were brought far and wide by hippies in their travels and also surfer dudes and dudettes! Jerga’s are also known as Baja hoodies and this is because Jerga’s were originally manufactured (and still are for us) in Baja California, Mexico.

These Mexican Jerga’s are popular with both the gents and the ladies due to the huge range of colours so we thought that this week we would bring you a selection of these fabulous hoodies. We have teamed the Jerga with just a plain ole pair of Jeans as they are a standard in everyone’s wardrobe.

The cost for this lovely Jerga is £19.99

SKU: J20

These cool Jerga’s cater for so many as they are available in so many different colours and 4 different sizes! Some people prefer a snug fit and others prefer nice and baggy. Handmade in Mexico and are a 50/50 mix of cotton and acrylic. These Jerga hoodies all have a hood (yes of course, it’s in the name hoodie!) and have an awesome front Kangaroo pocket which is great for storing your man stuff that you cannot fit into your pockets. These Mexican jackets are hard wearing and last for ages. I know people that have several that they have had for years and years and just cannot get rid of them. Once you have once you have owned one you will understand!
These hoodies are great for cool summer afternoon and evening and even for Autumn which I feel is just around the corner….

As we said, these lovelies  come in a variety of colour so we thought we would show you a few more.Jerga 17.08.2016

The cost for these Jerga’s are also £19.99

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Please note that all of the items shown here are handmade and most are available in varying different colours and sizes.