Jedi Festival jacketsFestival season is still hot upon us with festivals every weekend! With a lovely bank holiday weekend just a few days away, what festival will you be visiting?  The most popular on this weekend would be the Reading and Leeds festivals.

Unfortunately, for the first year in many, we will not be going. For the last what feels like all my years, we have been going to Reading Festival. Sometimes camping and sometimes staying in hotels or even driving back once the last band has finished.
For the majority of the years, we have been so lucky and have had amazing weather. For those of you that are regulars at festivals, you will know  that no matter how nice it has been in the day, the nights and evenings turn rather cold. The cold evenings are the inspiration for this week’s idea, worn and showcased by my lovely hubby (Simon – Mr Mystical Mayhem). Our very own Jedi inspired Jedi festival jacket.

The cost for a lovely Jedi Jacket is £49.99

These amazing hippy Jedi festival jackets were designed by our very own Mr Mystical mayhem. Sy had wanted something like this made up for some time as he really wanted one for himself so he spoke with one of our supplier who agreed to get some samples made up for us. Samples arrived and we were in love (and still are)! These jackets really are awesome. Yes I am biased but come on, just look at them.

This jacket is a long jacket made from a great thick weave cotton (same as our thick weave poncho’s) and have been handmade in Nepal from 100% cotton.
This jacket was inspired by of course you guessed it the Jedi cloaks from Star Wars and are made to be nice and baggy. They have a lovely large hood and wide sleeved to top off the look. As the Jedi jackets are made from thick weave cotton they have a lovely heavy feel to them which keeps in the warmth helped by a nice cotton lining.

Each technicoloured festival jacket boasts a large pointed hood, 2 side pockets & 2 inside pockets with zips. Each jacket fastens with wooden toggles and has a cotton belt.Jedi Jackets 24.08.2016
These Jedi jackets really are comfortable, warm and they look so damn good!

We have many colours so we thought we would show a few more for you.

Each of these Jedi jackets are also £49.99 – for what they are it is an absolute bargain and we can guarantee that you will not find these anywhere else.

Please note that all of the items shown here are handmade and most are available in varying different colours and sizes.