Gents Outfit - Summer breezeThanks to those of you who came along to our first festival on Saturday at Cider in the barn, Chalgrove. We had such a blast. It was a brilliant night!

I keep getting told that Autumn is upon us however, every time someone says this to me I get reports of a heat wave coming…. makes no sense but I am not complaining that the sun is still shining. Whilst it is still warm I am reluctant to get the long sleeves and jackets out so I am not going to for the time being. This week’s outfit will continue with the summer theme with a nice bright tie dye short sleeve t-shirt and a pair of our bright Nepalese Print Hippy Trousers.

The cost for this outfit is £33.98 (Bargain)
SKU: TH041 – Blue/Green Multicoloured Tie Dye Hippy T-Shirt – £13.99
SKU: NP274 No.08 – Nepalese Printed pattern Hippy Festival Trousers – £19.99

We have featured one of our tie dye t-shirts in an outfit a wee while back but we love tie dye and it would seem so do our customers (very much) so we thought we would show you another example of the lovely work that the Thai people do with these t-shirts. All of these hippy t-shirts have all need handmade and hand dyed in Thailand and are made from 100% cotton. Because they are hand dyed this means that they are all different. The bad boys are sure to make you stand out in the crowd. With one of these, you will look awesome!

Our Nepalese Printed pattern Hippy Trousers have also featured in a blog before but for some reason this month, they seem to be selling like hot cakes so I thought that we would use them in this blog. These brilliant trousers are made from 100% lovely cotton and have been handmade in Nepal. The Nepalese are well renowned for making excellent quality clothing which is why many items in our clothing range are made  in Nepal. These trousers are made from a nice thick cotton which means that they can help to keep you warm on the cooling summer nights. Available in various colours and sizes.

This outfit is bright, bold and very comfortable. You will certainly make yourself know when out and about. Be prepared to be approached  and be very popular with the ladies. 🙂

Please note that all of the items shown here are handmade and most are available in varying different colours and sizes.