Ladies Outfit  -Beautiful in Blue 11.10.2016Well what a week so far (and its only Tuesday)……. we have had delivery after delivery this week, with more to come, which is keeping us super busy and will continue to do so for the rest of the week! The plus side to this is that we get to bring you guys more new stuff. Yay!

So what have we got for you this week? Well, read on and see 🙂

The outfit that we have done for you this week is a mix of some beautiful blue clothes. Why blue? Well, no reason other than I like the colour..
Here we has for you a pair of our lovely Multicoloured Funky Patterned Acrylic Trousers which we have paired with one of our lovely new handmade vest tops.

The cost for this lovely outfit is £27.98
SKU: FX583 No.26 – Blue Mix Multicoloured Funky Pattern Acrylic Trousers £19.99
SKU: FXB05 No.02 – Turquoise Calavera Sugar Skull Hippy Style Vest Top – £7.99

Our gorgeous and funky acrylic trousers are just perfect for this time of year as they help to keep you lovely and warm. Handmade in India from 100% soft and cozy acrylic. The acrylic material that these wonderful hippy trousers are made from is the same as our acrylic ponchos and blankets. That should give you some indication of how warm they are. To be honest I have several pairs and wear them all year round but they are certainly wonderful in the colder months. Another great thing about these trousers is that they have 2 front pockets and an elasticated waist. The elasticated waist means that they can fit a variety of sizes. We have so many colours for you to choose from..

So, how about our new hippy vest tops. These beauties are turning out to be very popular. We have several different styles  and designs for you to choose from and of course they come in varying colours. The design of these vest tops means that they are slightly baggier than your regular vest top but you can wear then however you like! These hippy vest tops have all been handmade in wonderful Thailand. Each top has a beautiful transfer image on the front that really makes these vests pop and brings them to like. Tehy look great with anything. Can be causal or smart depending on what you pair it with.

Now of course, as lovely as this outfit is, you cannot really walk around in a vest top in this weather so, we thought that we would show you some jackets that we think would work beautifully with it.Ladies Hippy Jackets - Beautiful in Blue 11.10.2016

The cost for these lovely hippy jackets are £ 26.99

SKU: FX379 – Colourful Striped Embroidery Sun Hooded Hippy Jacket

These embroidery jackets are a relatively new addition to our jacket collection and is becoming widely loved 🙂 Handmade in Nepal from 100% cotton. Available in various colours and 3 different sizes. The back of the jacket is a lovely soft stretchy cotton while the front is made from a slightly thicker cotton so that the lovely embroidery work sits nicely. As well as embroidery work these hippy jackets have some wonderful patchwork  on the front pockets and the sleeves.

This outfit as a whole should help to keep you lovely and warm whilst making you look awesome!!!

Please note that all of the items shown here are handmade and most are available in varying different colours and sizes.