4 Great Things to Do This Halloween


There is something about this time of year that sends everyone into an absolute frenzy, me included. Halloween is such a  fun and exciting day to celebrate. Ghosts, ghouls, witches and zombies alongside all monsters imaginable,  walk the streets in search for treats, causing fright, mischief and mayhem. What is not to love?!

Halloween or All Hallows Eve is a celebration which is known in many countries around the globe. The day and night is a time dedicated to remembering the dead. All of our faithful friends and family who have departed. It is said that during Halloween especially at midnight, the veil between our world and the land of the dead is at its thinnest meaning that some spirits may be able to get through and communicate with the living. Awesome!!

There is always something fun going on at this time of the year so you should not be short of things to do. I thought that I would share with you some of our favourite things to do on Halloween.

Pumpkin Carving –

Carved Turnip

The head hippy and I do this every year without fail and have done for many years. Carving pumpkins has become a tradition and is so much fun for all of the family. You can either carve free hand or there are so many places online where you can find free templates to help with some inspiration. This is an activity that costs practically nothing except for the pumpkins and if you prefer it to items found at home, you can spend a few pounds on a little carving kit! Messy but wicked fun. You should give it a go this year! Did you know that before pumpkins, people used to carve turnips.. To be honest they were much more frightening…
We love all things spooky (more me than Sy to be honest) . Just because we wear hippy clothing doesn’t mean we don’t enjoy a good spook.

Get Dressed Up –

Another things that is great fun for all of the family. Little ones just love getting dressed up to go trick or treating but why should they get all of the fun?? Those taking the kids out should dress up too, I don’t think that we see enough of it these days. When I was a kid it was all about the experience and everyone going out in fancy dress. The excitement of deciding what you wanted to be that year and then getting dressed up in your costume was the best thing ever. Sod the sweets..

These days though, you see half arsed attempts as it is all about what you can get on the door not about the excitement and comraderie of the evening. I love seeing the grownups dressed up too although, just be careful not to dress too scarily as to scare the shit out of the kids you are taking round. Save that for the parties. For those of you who don’t like to get dressed up that is fair enough, just make sure that you stay nice and warm . I know a place where you can get some awesome & warm hippy clothing 😉

Spooky Haunted House

Visit a Haunted House or go on a Ghost Tour –

No matter where you are in the country, or the world for that matter there is always somewhere claiming to be haunting and have some seriously spooky history. In the UK alone there are hundreds of houses and pubs etc that are said to be haunted. You can toddle along for a visit to one or, you can go on a ghost tour in places like London and the likes where you walk about the streets by lantern light learning all of the creep y horrors and histories. Some are not for the fainthearted but most certainly worth a go.

Currently the most haunted place in Britain is The Ancient Ram Inn in Gloucestershire. Some people have described the inn as the scariest place that they have ever been to. The history of the pub includes black magic rituals, suicide, sacrifice and was also used as a hideout for several criminals. John Humphries the current owner claims to share the house with many spooks including a witch, 2 demons, several orbs and other presences that he is unsure as to what they are. Goosebumps yet?!

Have a party –

What type of party you have will be all dependant on whether you have little ones.
For the little ones;  you can have a party for some of their wee friends and spend the afternoon doing crafts and bobbing for apples all in fancy dress of course. You can have all of the usual party games that you would for kids just with Halloween inspired wins. The kids will love dressing up and playing games.

Now, for the grown ups; fancy dress is optional however I would highly recommend suggesting all guests come in the spirit of the evening. You can decorate the house with some really spooky gear with sound effect the lot. You can make your costume as sexy or as gruesome as you like and you want to frighten the crap out of your guests. That liquid latex that you have been dying to try out – now is the time. Zombie, monster, you can be what you like. Oh and don’t forget the spooky jelly shots. Use the booze of your choice but before it sets add in some jelly eyes and worms. Eew gross!
Dance, have fun and be super creepy…

So above are a few ideas for you. They don’t even start to make a dent in the things that you can do. Be inventive and use your imagination.

I like to say that our hippie clothing fits right in with Halloween but unless you are dressing as a hippie (people do) then its really not that scary, in fact I’d say it’s quite the opposite.

Until next year…….