Happy HippyIt’s still somewhat chilly out there. In fact, it’s dreary. January is well-known for being the gloomiest time of year. After the hype of the festive season, it’s an anti-climax. We’re all partied out, and it’s time for the dreaded detox. And our bank accounts may be feeling a little battered and bruised after Christmas. But there are plenty of reasons to be a happy hippy this January! Don’t believe us? Check this out…

1.     The days are getting longer

After the Winter Solstice, the days get longer and the evenings begin to lighten. It may feel like a slow process, but it’s happening! Why not take advantage of these brighter days by getting out into nature? Stay snug and warm with one of our soft feel hooded hippy tops while you walk the dog, take a stroll on the beach or visit a sacred site. After all, there’s no such thing as bad weather – only inappropriate clothes! Wearing bright, beautiful colours will lift your mood. You can even take a flask of chai to keep you toasty from within.

2.     You’re allowed to stay indoors

The nation has been swept by hygge, the Danish lifestyle movement that’s all about comfort, cosiness and quality time with friends and family. No excuse is needed if you want to stay home and light a fire, or put your (fluffy sock-clad) feet up and watch a movie with friends. Don’t save your best things for best. Instead, make the most of every day. Wear your favourite hippy clothes (we recommend our bright and funky multicoloured Nepalese hippy socks for those cosy nights in). Drink hot chocolate in your favourite mug. Burn your favourite incense. And above all, use hygge principles to create a life full of fun, laughter and happiness. January is the perfect time to start.

3.     It’s New Year (again) next week!Hippy Rooster

Hippy Chinese New YearDo you feel you need another crack at those New Year’s resolutions? Have you had a bumpy start to 2017? Give yourself another chance with Chinese New Year, which starts on January 28th. It’s the start of the year of the Rooster, auspicious for early-risers, the organised and loyal, and snappy dressers. To reap the rewards of a Rooster year, tap into this animal’s traits of diligence and commitment. Take care of your appearance and remember to pamper yourself. To mark Chinese New Year, wear red for luck. It’s also traditional to get a haircut and a full set of new clothes. This is especially important with the image-conscious Rooster in charge!

4.     There’s so much to look forward to

If you’re still feeling dreary, never fear. There are so many great days ahead. Valentine’s Day and Easter are right around the corner. We’ll be seeing new buds, followed by blossom, on the trees. Then it’ll be camping season, and you’ll be able to take your tipi, tent or campervan somewhere beautiful and break away from it all. Next, we’ll be heading into festival season for fun, music and, yes, more camping. You’ll be wearing your favourite summer hippy clothes before you know it. And, as the wheel continues to turn, you’ll be reaching for warm hats, coats and gloves once more. Aren’t the seasons magical? We think so.

We wish you all a very happy, healthy and well-dressed hippy year.