5 Hippy Things To Do This Summer

5 Hippy Things To Do This Summer - Ice Cream ConeIt is no secret that hippies absolutely adore being outside. There really is just something about the fresh air.. Not to mention the fact that the sun seems to make the majority of the population relax and seem more at ease with life. No matter what you have going on, a few minutes in the sun soaking up that much needed Vitamin D, life just gets better.
Here at Hippy Clothing HQ we try to spend as much time outside as we can. It can be hard to think of things to do sometimes and so we thought that we would share some ideas with you. Here are 5 hippy things to do this summer.

Day’s out can be expensive and more often than not, over priced. It is so easy to make your own fun with no need to part with oodles of your hard earned cash. With a little imagination the fun is endless.  All of our ideas can be done alone, as a couple or as a family.

1) Take a Hike5 Hippy Things To Do This Summer - Hippy Hiking

Not only is walking fantastic exercise but, it also give you a chance to explore. New places or old well walked routes, hiking makes for a great day out. Going for a walk your options are endless as our country is stunning. Miles of countryside, beaches and mountains the choice is yours all depending on where you live of course. If you are taking yourself for a long hike then ensure that you have all of the necessary supplies like water and food etc. An OS map helps too to ensure that you don’t get yourself lost. Although it does add to the sense of adventure……Compass, mobile phone and all that jazz, just pop it into your rucksack and away you go. Find yourself a spot, take a seat and breathe. Take in all of your surroundings and enjoy the peace and tranquillity of being in amongst nature.

I have to admit we tend to find a nice pub somewhere half way and pop in for a coffee. Not always to be fair but it can be nice.

5 Hippy Things To Do This Summer - Hippy Picnic2) Go For A Picnic

I don’t think that people do this enough anymore. It seems all about eating out for lunch. Yes ok so you can sit in a pub or restaurant garden but, you know it’s just not the same! Pick a nice spot somewhere you like and go for it. One for the joys of having a picnic is that yo can choose where you go and what you eat. You can take all of your favourite foods and relax. Picnics are a great excuse to have a glass of wine or 2 and some cake, or cakes…Lay down your blanket and get settled in. Take a book, some games or even some music and spend the day having some fun. A great way of spending some quality wine with the family.

3) Go Wild SwimmingWild-Swimming

If you have never been, you should. It is just wonderful, not to mention free! Wild swimming is basically any natural body of water that is not a swimming pool. You want to of course check that you are allowed to swim in certain places and that it is safe so. Lakes, rivers, oceans and the likes –  we all live close by to one of these to take a dip when we need a cool down from the summer sun. In all honesty, wild swimming can be exhilarating in the winter too..

The village where we live has the river Avon running through it and in the summer time there are so many people sploshing around in it. It is wonderful seeing the families having such fun.
Don’t forget to take some dry hippie clothing with you though to pop on afterwards. This is the UK after all and can get chilly fast!

* So the first 3 of our 5 hippy things to do this summer focus on having some quality time either alone or with your loved ones, the last 2 are all about helping others..

4) Help Those Less Fortunate

GardeningIt is easy enough for us to go about here and there enjoying what precious time off that we have however, not everyone is as fortunate.  Why not take a look at what volunteering opportunities are around you. Perhaps there are some folk local to you who need a hand about their house or in their garden or, someone who would just like a little company – a cuppa and a friendly natter. We get so busy that sometimes it is very easy to just go about our own lives without much of a thought for those less able and fortunate. I am not saying that we should spend all of our spare time volunteering as looking after ourselves and our family is very important. If you can offer some time though then please do. There are plenty of places online that can point you in the right direction if you are stuck for ideas.

5) Plant Something

The last of our 5 hippy things to do this summer but by no means the least. All across the globe trees and bushes etc are being cut down for varying reasons. We, us puny humans, alongside our wildlife, need these. We need the trees to soak in the carbon dioxide that we release into the atmosphere. Be it from breathing to cars, the co2 emissions are off the scale. We can help in several ways – the main one would be to reduce the co2 that we personally as individuals put out into the world however this is easier said than done. There are ways though from ditching the car. bus or whatever mode of vehicular transport you travel by and walking or cycling. Not necessarily for your commute as for many that’s just not possible but, when you go to the shops or the gym, walk..Sapling

Another way to help is by planting trees.. So, we cannot just go and plant them willy nilly but we can volunteer and offer our help to those places who can. There are plenty of them out there that do such good work for the environment and that span the country. Take the Heart of England Forests, these stretch for absolute miles and there are always looking for volunteers to give a hand.

Planting trees and bushes not only helps with CO2 gasses but also with pollination. The more yummy things that you plant to attract the bees, the more they will pollinate. We need the bees and they need us! We all need each other to survive on this planet and so it is important to help out when and where we can.

There you have our 5 hippy things to do this summer. These are things that we love to do year in and year out and thought that you lovely hippie folk may enjoy them too.