A Hippy Day Out In Aberdeen

A Hippy Day Out In Aberdeen -Collage

Aberdeen is a wonderful city to visit. Full of wonderful architecture and super friendly locals, it sure does make you pleased to be part Scottish. Known as Granite city due to the fact that many of its buildings contain granite. During the mid 18th century through to mid 20th century Aberdeen had a granite quarry. There is enough granite in the buildings to give them a lovely silver sparkle when the light hits them. Lovely!

Aberdeen  has been given the accolade of one of eight super cities within the UK. The only city in Scotland with this accolade, there is something here for everyone to enjoy.
Beautiful city, gorgeous towns and villages paired with stunning coastline, what more could you want in a day out. Well, read on my hippy friends and I will tell you what you can get up to in this lovely city.

Things to do and see

Here are a few placed worth a visit for you hippy folk;

A Hippy Day Out In Aberdeen - Bottlenose-Dolphin
Bottlenose Dolphin

Balmedie Beach – a lovely stretch that you can walk quite a way on to the North and the South. A wonderfully sandy beach that is well looked after. There are wind turbines that are in view however, natural sources of energy  make it ok right?! Great for chilling with the family and having a wee BBQ. You may even be able to get in a spot of surfing. Duuuude! Don’t forget your Jerga to help you warm up after my surfer friends.

RSPB Dolphin Watch – yep that’s right – Aberdeen is one of the best places to spot yourself some bottlenose dolphins. Open April to August there is a great team there with a huge amount of expertise. With telescopes and binoculars there is plenty to see. Most definitely worth a visit.

Johnston Gardens – small and compact yet a wonderful way to spend an hour or so, relaxing and walking around. They have beautiful plants, water features and loveliness all year round. Plants for all seasons, it is a sight to see all year round.

Highland Mystery Tour – a full day out seeing the sights and learning all about Aberdeen. On these tours you will see things that many other miss out on their visit. Not because they are naff but because they don’t necessarily know about them. Some guided tours are typically predictable however with these mystery tours, the itinerary is decided on the morning of the tour. You won’t even know where you are going until you get there! Some tours may take you to mountains and historic castles, others may take you to whiskey distilleries and stone circle or, you never know, you may find yourself at a traditional highland games event. The only way to find out is go and take the tour. Why not – most are a reasonable price for what you get.

Don’t forget that no matter the time of year, we have some amazing hippy clothing for you so that you can look great as well and having fun.

Food and Drink

A Hippy Day Out In Aberdeen - Mexican-Food
Mexican Food

No matter what you like to eat or like to drink, there is something to suit all pallets. You can find every flavour of food in this city drinks galore.

Brew Dog Aberdeen – if you like craft beers then this place is a must. Wonderful ales and IPAs, Brewdog sure know how to make a drink. Not only do they have great beers but they also serve food too which will be needed after you have sampled one or two (ok maybe 4 or so ) of their fine drinks.

Topolabamba – a Mexican restaurant with a modern twist. I have heard great things about the fabulous dining experience here. Perfect for a meal with friends or family.

Cosmo – these fab places are everywhere and are a favourite of those who love Thai, Chinese or any Asian foods. Suitable for the whole family the food is delicious. With options for us carnivores, vegans and veggies, no-one is left wanting or unsatisfied. Yummy!

Depending on what you are in the mood for, you can walk the wonderful cobbled streets and find so many quaint and quirky places to eat. Pass them by and see what takes your fancy!



A Hippy Day out In Aberdeen - Karaoke

So, if you have a young family, it is likely that after dinner and a little stroll you will be heading back to your hotel for sleeps. Well, we hope you have had a good day and wish you goodnight.
Now, for those of you without kids and have some life left in you after a busy day, here are some of Aberdeen’s hotspots;

Sing City – yes you guessed it – Sing City is a private Karaoke and party bar. Great fun for just the 2 of you or a group of friends. A few beers, cocktails and a few songs will have you laughing in no time…

The Garage – nightclub and live music venue. Said to have a great atmosphere and great drinks, it sounds like a great place to go for a wee boogie. Has seen bands such as The Fun Lovin’ Criminals and The View. More of course but I shan’t list them all. You will have to investigate and check he place out for yourself.

Korova Aberdeen – a highly recommended rock club. Every city needs a rock club as lets fact it – it is one of the best music genres there is. Fact! Well in my humble hippy opinion anyways. Set over several levels there are varying degrees of rock music for you to enjoy. Sounds great!

Roots Rock Reggae – is exactly as the name suggests. A venue that plays roots, rock and reggae music all night long. This evening runs on the last Saturday of every month at the Blue Lamp in Aberdeen and is free to enter. Free and fab music. What better way to either start or end your evening.

Aberdeen In a Nutshell

Well, there you have a few things to keep you busy on your visit. There really is so much for you hippy folk to see in the great city that is Aberdeen that you need to get your bottom’s in gear and pay it a visit. You can do as much as you like or as little as you like.

There are of course many free things to see and do and so many things to keep adults and kids alike amused for hours.  Whatever you decide to do, we are sure that you will love it! Don’t forget to wear your hippie clothing.