Avebury village is a wonderful little village in Wiltshire.
The folks in Avebury are super friendly to the hippy folk that visit to take a look at Avebury henge. This is one of those places that us hippies really like.

 To be honest, although most people pop along to Avebury to take a look at the stone circle (also called Avebury), there are may other things to do and see in the beautiful village – read on for more info…………

The Henge Shop – as Avebury is only a small village there isn’t lots in the way of shopping however, in a location in the centre of Avebury there is a wonderful unique little shop, the likes of which us hippy’s just love, which is called The Henge Shop. The Henge Shop sells such an array of goodies from unique jewellery all the way through to books and even seasonal goods and produce. What a wonderful little treasure trove.

The High Street – although Avebury high street is mostly private dwellings (which look amazing with their thatched roofs and cute shapes) there are a few little shops along the lines of a general store and a national trust shop – a mainstream shop based around the henge.

Walks & Sights
When us hippy’s visit little gems like Avebury, we want to take in as many hippy sights as possible which means much walking…
The main walk around is Avebury is of course to check out the stone circle however there is also a 3 mile walk to take in all 3 monuments in Avebury.

So, the 3  main monuments;
1) Avebury stones – you really need to see these to believe it.  There are 3 stone circles in and surrounding the village – yep that’s right, Avebury village is in the stone circle. How cool is that?! and, is the largest stone circle in Europe.. Known to give off lots of energy, stone circles like Avebury are well loved and celebrated by both hippy’s and pagans. It seems that Archaeologists are uncertain as to exactly when they were built and for why leading to many speculations. They have done some carbon dating which shows that the main circle was built first with the other following.
The henge is not perfectly circular and has a whopping circumference of 1,000 metres. Wow! Within this massive henge there are 2 inner circles and an outer circle. The outer is one of Europe’s largest (Britain’s largest) stone circles with a diameter of  331.6 metres. Nearer the middle of the monument are 2 separate stone circles. The most northern circle is 98 metres whilst the southern (sun henge) what they call ring is slightly larger at 108 metres. This all really is a sight to behold!

2) West Kennett Long barrow – to get to the long barrow there is a nice steady climb up a hill (about 10 mins), through a kissing gate, down to a small stream, through as clump of trees and then a path up to the burial mound. Now that sounds like a lovely walk in itself before you even get there..
It is estimated that West Kennett was built around 3,700 BC and that during excavation it was revealed that near to 50 people were buried within the tomb.
The mound stretches for 100  metres and has 5 separate chambers.  So very interesting. There is a board outside of the chamber giving you more information.

3) Silbury Hill – another great thing that you have to see. Silbury Hill is exactly as the name suggests, a hill. However, at 130 feet high covering ground of 5 acres, Silbury Hill is a mystery as no-one know why it was made. It is the largest man made mound in Europe. There are many theories behind the making but none can be confirmed. With its flat top, there are lovely views from the top of the hill 🙂

Avebury is on the edge of what is known to be the Warminster Triangle which is known for its strange sounds, celestial lights, ghosts, UFO landing and many other mystic and unexplained sightings and sounds.  During the summer months there have also been crop circles in some of the fields.

There really is plenty for a hippy to do and see in Avebury.

Evening Out in Avebury
After all of the walking that you will have done, not to mention walking up hills etc, you will no doubt be hungry and in need of some refreshments. There are 2 places for you to choose from;

Avebury Manor Tea Room – open for lunch and brunch, reviews state this it is a lovely and quirky tea room offering a selection of wonderful cakes, teas and other drinks. Worth a cake or two then…

The Red Lion – the only pub in the village is a bloody good pub. Open pretty much all day and serving all meals, the food is excellent, the drinks lovely and the staff wonderful. You would be sorry if you visited Avebury and didn’t stop in even if just for a little drink. The pub is over 400 years old, sat in the centre of the stone circle and is one of the 10 most haunted pubs in Britain. Awesome!! Such a lovely looking building too. Also the pub is the only one if the world to be inside a stone circle..

Just remember to wrap up warm in some nice hippie clothes when walking around in the cold months – we can help you here at Mystical Mayhem Hippy Clothing. To be honest we have hippy clothing to suit all year round..

You really should take your hippy butts to Avebury and check it out. It’s truly a wonderful experience.