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A Hippy Day Out In Brighton

Brighton PierWell as you may or may not know, Brighton is one of the most accepting and versatile cities in the UK. In Brighton nobody cares if you are a hippy, goth or emo. No one cares what your sexual preference is and nobody cares about your gender either. Male, female, trans, gay or straight it’s ok, you will fit right in. Sounds like the perfect hippy place to me – love and acceptance for everyone!

Brighton has become such a popular tourist destination over the past years as it is so well renowned for its diverse cultures and communities, huge cultural arts and music scene and it’s wonderfully quirky shopping areas. It has also been called the happiest city in the UK. Not bad eh. So, other than the above mentioned, what is it that makes Brighton the happiest city and such a great place? Read on and I will tell you. Here we will tell you about some wonderful places to visit and great things to do as this is our hippy guide to Brighton. I doubt you would be able to fit all of the below in one day but hey, why not give it a go 🙂

With so many different shopping areas in Brighton you really will need a full day! make sure that you are wearing comfortable hippy shoes and your brightest hippy clothing – show yourself off!

North Laine
– right next to the train station, this would be a great to start your shopping as it epitomises the Brighton shopping experience (especially for hippy’s). There are so many treasures to be found here from vintage clothing to niche boutiques. You can find pretty much anything in North Laine. To be honest even if you aren’t out shopping there are some awesome coffee houses which are a wonderful place to just sit and watch the world go by. There are so many different people that come through North Laine each day which makes it a wonderful place to people watch. I have found some wonderful outfit ideas just by sitting and having a nice cuppa 🙂 As well as shops and cafes’ there are some lovely pubs from artisan pubs with craft beers and oldy world pubs which take you back a few years! There really is such a blend here or both people and shops.  If you have expensive tastes or are after a  more thrifty day out then this really is the place for you.

Churchill Square Shopping Centre – Churchill square is home to Brighton’s mainstream shops and high street favourites.  Although hippy’s tend to stay away from high street stores when they can, it is not always possible as, there are some occasions where the hippy within us needs to be toned down a little. With over 80 different shops, restaurants  and cafes it really is a great place for shopping. Churchill Square Shopping Centre is where you will find favourites such as Debenhams, H&M, Zara, Holland & Barrett & Monsoon. There is a shop here that everyone will love. There is even a Primark and a Millies Cookies – Mmmmmm cookies!

Last but not least we have The Lanes – This labyrinth of narrow streets is super quaint and so full of character. A little hippy heaven. There is all sorts to see here and alongside North Laine is an absolute must see. The Lanes are stuffed full of shops of all different varieties from high end shops to cheaper shops, with some souvenir and jewellery shops thrown in.

Night Out in Brighton
After all of the shopping and investigating that gets done in Brighton you need to make sure that you stay well fuelled with food to keep you going for the day and then after you will need to relax with some good food and then perhaps a night out checking out the pubs and bars. (There are a lot to choose from so I would suggest doing some research if you can only eat certain foods) Brighton + Food + Drink = Happy Hippy!

The Ginger Pig – This infamFood for Hippy'sous gastro pub is a one Michelin start pub. This pub is well known locally for its excellent European menu. Although the portions are a little small, I have been told that the food is rather phenomenal. They boast a large selection of beers to choose from too as well as great food.

Bagel Man –  Does exactly what the name suggests – bagels.  This litter eatery is the great place to pick up a spot of lunch to keep you going until dinner. You can create your own or go with something from the menu. As well as great tasting bagels they also serve lovely coffee. Offer a vegetarian selection for you veggies out there.

Food for Friends – this little gem of a restaurant is a veggie restaurant. The food tastes great and the options are huge. They also have great presentation skills. Food look great and tastes great too. They encourage you to share your food with your Friends (hence the name) and to be honest you will want to as once you taste one dish you will want to taste them all.

Now, if it is bars that you are after I have been told that Kemptown is the place to be of an evening. Know as the LGBT area of the town it is a wonderfully diverse, bright and colourful place to be. With so many bars, pubs, restaurants and cafes to choose from you really must pay Kemptown a visit. From gay bars, to karaoke bars, you sure will have a great time. Here you can get dressed up or dressed down and no-one will judge. Perfect place to be your hippy self and show off your wonderful hippy clothing.

Music Scene
Everyone knows that hippies love music and Brighton is known for having a great music scene and it is true.  From places where you can go to support your favourite local band to open mic nights in local pubs and bars. Brighton even has a festival which comes around once a year and not only features music but has comedy and arts similar to Edinburgh fringe. There are even buskers which has got themselves quite a following.. You really need to go and experience these things for yourselves.

Parks, Nature Reserves and Walks
We all know that hippy’s juts love grass, trees and green spaces to relax in which is why we thought that we would mentions some of Brighton’s finest.nature-reserve
There are so many to choose from and I mean loads so I will only show you a couple as otherwise much like the shopping and food, I could be here all day and I am sure that you don’t want that 😉

St Ann’s Well Gardens – now this places looks lovely and the reviews are great – situated not far from Hove seafront, these gardens have a lot to offer. As well as a lovely walk, these gardens have a huge range of exotic and native trees which give the gardens their unique edge and which offer shelter for a whole host of wildlife. There is also a lovely cafe so that you can sit and enjoy a nice drink after you have explored. They also have a fish pond, a great smelling sensory garden and a specific conservation area. Wow – there really is a lot to see and do here. You can also take the kids as they have a nice play area and sports area. This really does sound like the place for a perfect and relaxed afternoon and there is plenty of green space for us hippies to sit and relax with friends any maybe play a little guitar 🙂 I am relaxed just writing about this place. A hippy must see!

Devils Dyke – an area of outstanding natural beauty. Situated on the South Downs, Devils Dyke is a wonderful place for all of the family with it’s amazing views, pretty walks (there are quite a few and some of them nice and long). There is even a nice pub where you can get a good meal after your day out. This place really is a hippy’s dream. Just imagine, sitting with a bunch of good friends enjoying the beautiful views and the wonderful crisp air. Also a great spot for meditating! Why not take a picnic or, if you are feeling adventurous why not try a spot of hang-gliding which is available.

Other things to see and do around Brighton
The bits that I have mentioned above are some of the main reasons that hippy’s visit Brighton. I thought I that I would add this section just to let  you know about a few other things that you can do and see.
Antiques and Art – for those of you that like and appreciate art there is actually a place called Artists Quarter which is on the seafront. Here you can see so many different types of art and antique on display. There are even a few workshops that you can visit so that you can try your own hand at making art.
The beach – Brighton is of course know for its lovely pebbly beaches and for the Brighton pier. Everyone loves the beach and a walk along the pier!

To be honest there is so much more to see and do than what I can pop in this article for you so really all you hippies need to take yourself to Brighton for the weekend and experience the wonders for yourself!