Burley is a wonderful little village in the heart of the New Forest well known for its scenery walks and all things Wicca. A wonderful little treasure trove of a village that you really must see for yourself as I will not be able to do it the justice that it deserves in this article.
Burley seems to be one of those lucky places untouched by times. Wild ponies and cattle roam free around the village and there are beautiful thatched cottages for you you look at. Visitors to Burley – New Forest – will be able to enjoy a taste of the past and enjoy a wonderfully tranquil visit.

Everyone is welcome in Burley. Be you a witch, a hippy ( hippy and witch often go hand in hand) a goth, or any other lifestyle choice, you will be welcomed with open arms and well looked after.  For us hippy’s, we certainly will not look out of place in our long flowing, brightly coloured hippy clothing.

Burley has a very colourful past and is know for its associate with the white witch Sybil Leek along with its fair share of smugglers and even dragons. Yes that’s right, Dragons!

Sybil was a witch living in Burley in the late 1950s. She moved to Burley aged 20 to open up an antiques shop. Sybil became known around the village a s self-professed witch. This attracted quite a lot of attention for Sybil and the town. Although the town benefited from the extra business brought in, they did not agree with Sybil and thought that because of her long black cloak that she liked to wear topped of with her pet jackdaw that used to travel around on her shoulder, she was in fact not the white witch that she called herself but a black witch. Due to these accusations, her landlord decided not to renew her lease and it would seem that none else in Burley would rent to her either. Due to the fact that she became very unwelcome in Burley, she decided to move to the US where she wrote many books and later was came to be known as Britain’s most famous witch. Famous for not just being a witch but also an astrologer and occult author. Originally snubbed by the town she once loved, she is know well remembered!

There really is plenty to do and see in Burley ( not surprising really considering it is on the New Forest) and so I will tell you a few of them:

To be honest apart from a butchers and a local store, the majority of shops in Burley are gift shops. I don’t see this as a problem through as most people go to visit these historic places in the hope to find some gift shops and perhaps take a little bit of history home with them as a reminder that they have learnt something new and as a memory of a wonderful time had. Keep an eye out as there are some lovely hippy gifts hidden away in the treasure trove of shops.

So, gift shops galore, here are a few;
A Coven of Witches – what a little gem of a store where you can find all things witchy. If you are interested in the occult or are in fact a witch yourself then this is the shop for you. You will find everything from tarot cards, to books. to crystals along with many handmade gifts and crafts, many of witch (see what I did there) are made locally.

Burley Coach House – another wee gift shop although this time, instead of selling Wiccan gifts it sells a wide selection of wines, ciders, local produce and confectionery.

Face the Music –  this is a gift shop that has something for everyone, young or old and for pretty much every occasion. As the name suggest they are a gift shop selling all things musical. They have serious gifts and novelty gifts all of which are fun, fun, fun!
We all know how much hippies love music so this really is a must for all you hippy’s out there!

There are many other shops here ranging from a fudge shop, an old school sweet shop to hairdressers. There are shops here for everyone to enjoy!

Things to see and do

Most people would think that little villages will have little to offer in the way of sights and activities – wrong! You will be pleasantly surprised, Burley has such a diverse range of things available to you.

New Forest Deer Safari – a wonderful experience for all of the family. Why not take a peaceful 30 minute ride around the deer park where you can see the deer and their calves up close. No booking is necessary. After the deer park you can also take a look around their farm shop. Hippy’s adore nature so this is just a prefact little treat.

Horse Riding – fancy a leisurely ride around the lanes of Burley where you can take in all of the local sights? Well now you can, new to the attractions in Burley, a treat for all of the family. No need to worry if you are not experienced and have never been on a horse before, you are in good hands. If you have never ridden a horse bfore you really should. Horses are such wonderful creatures. Thjey are so gentle and believ it or not have great senses of humour.

Course Fishing – fancy a spot of fishing in a nice pretty and tranquil location – this is the place for you. Beeches Brook Fishery is a privately owned 2 acre lake surrounded by nature, mature trees and shrubs.

The above are just a few of the things that you can do – there are many walks that you can take to see all of the sights of Burley along with horse drawn wagon rides and even cycling. There is even a 9 hole golf course. One thing is guaranteed for sure – you will not get bored in Burley

Food, Drink and Accommodation
Again, like everything else, you are spoilt for choice from quaint little tea rooms and ice cream parlours to hotels and restaurants.

With many places to stay depending on how long your visit will be for – you can either stay in a nice hotel, inn or B&B or you can stay in a self catering cottage in the heart of Burley.

For more information on how you can have a wonderful trip, I would highly recommend taking a look at their website so that you can plan your trip in advance.

My last comment on Burly – GO THERE!  You will not be disappointed.
Don’t forget to wear your hippie clothing.