A Hippy Day Out In Glastonbury

A Hippy Day Out In Glastonbury - Street ArtSo Glastonbury – what’s not to love about Glastonbury? You can’t answer that can you… Let me tell you a few things about what there is to love and why you should have a hippy day out in Glastonbury.

Glastonbury is a small and beautiful town in Somerset and is full of some of the most wonderful and kind people that you will meet. I am talking not just about the residents but the visitors also. People flock there as it is well known to be a wonderful hippy town full of beauty and spirituality. Not to mention that it has also been described as a new age and pagan community. People of all ages and from all walks of life love to visit and are made very welcome by the accepting town.

Whatever your age, sexual preference or religion no-one cares. Fat, thin. tall, short, bald or you have a brightly coloured Mohawk, they have seen it all and everyone is treated the same. So don your most fav hippy clothing and enjoy a hippy day out in Glastonbury.
With tons of fun things to do, Glastonbury is a great place to spend some quality chill time.


For such a small place, Glastonbury offers an amazing shopping experience where you can pretty much find anything that you want! Take a look at some of these places..

The Gauntlet – a right little treasure trove of awesomeness. The Gauntlet offers a nice eclectic mix of both old and new. Much like the rest of the town, The Gauntlet offers up a treat of olde-world tastes but with wonderful modern day twists. It encapsulates a stroll through time with its wonders of history and mystique. The Gauntlet is situated in the Town Centre in St John’s Square. Here you will be able to find folk selling a whole manner of wonders.

From jewellery and crystals to all things pagan and Wicca. If you need your hippie Chakras realigned then there is place here for that too. If you need a card reading and a little life advice there is always someone who can help. There really is a plethora of great shops for everyone.
Full of like minded hippies, The Gauntlet is a wonderful place to show off  your great hippie clothing.

Clarks Village – A touch more mainstream but great for bargains. Clarks Village is an outlet village on the outskirts of the town. We may be hippies but hey, some of us still love to shop! You really can find some bargains here and although there are no hippy shops perse, there is nothing to stop you from buying some pretty clothes and hippiefying them. As well as clothes shops, there are also so many other kinds of stores from jewellery and cosmetics through to home wares. There are also a whole heap of eateries where you can grab a bite to eat be it brekkie, lunch or dinner.

Awesome Things To See

As us hippy’s love being outside and looking at beautiful things, Glastonbury really is perfect as there is just so much to see and do. A Hippy Day Out In Glastonbury

Below are a few great things that everyone will love.

Glastonbury Tor – is a site managed by the national trust. The Tor is a wonderful conical hill which overlooks the Isle of Avalon, Glastonbury and Somerset. Said to be full of religious significance for Christians and Pagans dating back over 1000 years. You can get a tour of the Tor where they will give you more information. Atop the Tor sits the roofless St Michael’s Tower which is a grade I listed building. The Tor is also known for its wonderful relationship with Wildlife from birds to butterflies, rabbits, badgers and foxes.  The Tor rises to an elevation of 518 feet which means that once you get to the top you get some phenomenal views. Every hippy that visits must climb the Glastonbury Tor. Take some friends and a picnic or take a climb up yourself for a wonderful place to relax and meditate.

Ham Wall National Nature Reserve – an English wetland reserve that is managed by the RSPB. This is a newly created wetland which is now home to rare species including otters (yay!) and voles. There are also so many species of birds around that it is just great for bird watching. So relaxing!  Entrance is free and is a lovely place for all of the family to take a nice walk and see something that you don’t usually see everyday at home.

Evening Out in Glastonbury

After all of the shopping, climbing and investigating, you will no doubt be tired and in need of some food. With so many great places to eat it can be so hard to choose, especially with most catering for lunch as well as dinner you are spoilt for choice which is why we have chosen a couple of places with some fab reviews.

Hint of Herb – a wonderfully welcoming place to stop for lunch. Owned by a lady who makes everything from scratch including the bread, specialising in sandwiches and salads. Each food item contains a mix of herbs with information about the benefits of each herb. A lovely quaint little place which can be found in The Gauntlet.

Bocabar – based in an old derelict eyesore which has been made into this lovely restaurant which has reviews of wonderful food and great ambience. Open for breakfast through to a late supper you can find varying type of yummy cuisine from British to Mediterranean . They are also veggie friendly.

Cafes and Bars – There are many cafes and bars dotted around where you can kick back and relax. Whether you want to sit on your own and chillax with a good book, go out with a loved one or friends, there is something that everyone will like. Why not get on your hippy glad rags and take yourself for a night on the town. Just be sure that when you are the envy of the town and when people ask you where you got your great hippy threads, be sure the tell them Mystical Mayhem. Spread the love!

Music Scene

Glastonbury Festival
CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=684872

Everyone knows Glastonbury of course for the Glastonbury Music Festival. Born in 1970 Glastonbury Festival is the largest music and performing arts festival in the world. Yes that’s right the World! Spread over 900 acres based in the Vale of Avalon the tickets for this magical festival are well sought after. So many people are disappointed year after year as there are not nearly enough tickets for the amount of people that want to attend.

Glastonbury Festival is the Epitome of hippy festivals. There is music, performance arts, workshops and over 250 different food stalls. Going to Glastonbury really is like going to another country for the weekend. Everyone should try and go to Glastonbury at least once. Here you can wear hippy clothes galore in whatever combo you fancy. Why not share some outfit ideas with your neighbouring hippy?! The bands that play are amazing and they really have had some greats performing there in its time such as David Bowie, Hawkwind, Fairport Convention, Arctic Monkeys – I really could go on and on but if you want to know more you can check out the history on the official website.

Other Stuffs

I have only mentioned a few of the great things above but there is so much more to see and do during your hippy day out in Glastonbury. You can take a tour of the town where they will take you to all of the most popular places and tell you the history. Or, you can take a bimble yourself and spend the day exploring the wonderful parks and scenery. There are some wonderful old streets with some beautiful houses to look at.
You really should take yourself and check out its mystique for yourself. If you visit one place this year, make it Glastonbury. Once you get there you many never want to leave!