Fair Trade Policy

We are an ethical hippie clothing company that works very closely with our suppliers to provide products that are produced fairly.  We have a representative that visits the clothing producers several times a year to make sure the products are being produced by happy fair paid adults in a clean and safe working environment, with sufficient lighting, adequate breaks and never using child labour.

Our fair trade products that are sourced for us are paid for in advance and are then made to order.
Recycled fabrics are used in our designs and production (silk sari skirts and silk bags), plus we always try to source local materials and fabrics and keep environmental pollution to a minimum.

Where ever possible we recycle any materials that are used to transport our goods, for example cardboard boxes, plastic wrappers etc.  We are a fairly new company and work very hard to provide our customers with great looking products that are produced in a fair working environment.  We believe in the recycling of products that are used in the process of producing our products and the use of recycled materials to produce our fair trade products.


Working with supplies who deal with China

We now stock some gift items that are made in China.  Please understand that these items and the way they are produced are checked in the same way as other items we stock from other countries. Working conditions are checked to make sure they are of a good standard, no children are employed by the producers, the workers are paid a fair wage.  We deal with a UK company that produces many of these gift items themselves in their own factories so they can keep the standard of the working environment high.  Where other goods are produced outside of these factories regular checks are made to make sure nothing is being missed.  Any Chinese producers who do not provide a safe and happy working environment for their employees are struck off the list and not dealt with any more, this also includes companies that deal in child labour.

We work very hard to make sure the hippy clothing items we sell are sourced ethically.