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Ali Baba Trousers – Why We Should All Wear Them

Ali Baba Trousers – Why Everyone Should Wear Them

Ali Baba Trousers - Why We Should All Wear ThemAli baba trousers are so versatile that everyone should be wearing them. Men, women, children – everyone! Why? Because they are cool, comfortable and are available in many different colours and designs. Not to mention, they can dressed up in various ways. Everyone looks great in them so why not show off your unique side by wearing a magical pair of Ali Baba Trousers from your friends Mystical Mayhem Hippy Clothing.

The History of Ali Baba Trousers

Ali Baba Trousers - Why Everyone Should Wear Them

These fabulous trousers are a style of harem trousers. Harem trousers are essentially long baggy trousers that have been caught in at the ankle to give them the shape that they are well known for. The difference between Ali Baba trousers and Harem Trousers is that the crotch on Ali Baba’s are much baggier. The baggier crotch gives the trousers edge as often instead of looking like a pair of trousers, it makes it look like a nice hippy skirt. The benefit of having closed off trousers to stop drafts yet they look like a skirt…. Wonderful!

Most people bring Aladdin and Ali Baba to mind when they see these trousers however, although they have the name Ali Baba, they were actually first brought to the world by Frenchman Paul Poiret in 1911. Paul was a Parisienne courtier with a penchant for designing new and unique clothing. A Man after our own hearts!
It took a while but the trousers took off around the world and have been styled into those which are around today.

When they were first designed, a pleated skirt would be on top of the trousers for a layered effect. There is no need for this in modern times as they have the longer crotch to make them more skirt like.

Our Fabulous Range of Harem Trousers

Ali Baba Trousers - Why We Should All Wear Them - Casmilon Ali Baba Trousers

We know just how great our Ali Baba trousers go with your best festival clothing ensemble which is why we have such an extensive and diverse range for you. We have something suitable for those of you who like loud and bold and then some for those who like their hippy clothing a little subtler. Also we have lots of choice for the inbetweeners amongst you. There are several different materials that we use just to give you even more options. We have cotton, rayon and even cashmilon/Acrylic to keep you nice and warm. The designs are endless: Elephants, peacocks, abstract, stripes and well, click here to view the rest.

Different Ways of Wearing

As mentioned already, these babies are very versatile depending n your mood and the occasion. You can of course just wear them as trousers and pair them with some nice boots,  heels or eve trainers. They can be dressed up or dressed down as much as you like and look amazing either way. If you after after something a little different, instead of pulling them just to the hips, the nice big waistband allows for them to be pulled over the bust. Pulling the trousers over the bust allows them to be worn as a play suit. This option is just amazing when chilling out on a warm and sunny day. I have worn them like this on many holiday and thy are very comfortable. See – versatile!

Whoever you are and however you choose to wear them, let you hippy chic out with these great items of hippy clothing. Show off your colourful side and individuality. Be bright and bold and don’t give a damn about what anyone thinks of how you dress! You will look and feel amazing! Trust us, we are hippy’s too!