Ali Baba Trousers

Ali Baba Trousers

Mystical Mayhem Clothing have a such a great range of Ali Baba Harem trousers.
Ali Baba trousers are like traditional harem trousers but with a much baggier crotch making for a much more comfortable pair of trousers.
These fantastic baggy trousers are a festival favourite for all hippy’s. Both men and women alike love wearing our Ali Baba harem trousers. Women for comfort and style and men for both of those reasons plus the added airiness!

 Our selection of Ali Baba trousers  contain trousers that have been made in Thailand and some that have been made in India.
We have these Ali Baba trousers in may different design and one of our most popular styles are out cotton patchwork Harem Ali Baba trousers that are all unique. As the are all unique and so that you can chose exactly the pair that you want,  we take the time to photograph each and every pair so you can really see what the ones you order will really look like.
We also have a wide selection of Rayon Ali Baba trousers that are made in Thailand, these come in funky fun patterns that we are sure you will love.

To sum it up, we have lots of Ali Baba style hippy trousers. Some are loud and lairy and others a little more conservative but regardless, each pair will help you express yourself. That’s what us hippies love, a splash of colour and a way of freely expressing our selves 🙂

One of the joys of this style of trouser is that they can be worn nice and casual or can be dressed up. For example, wear with a pair of flip flops or trainers around and about or ladiees,  you can pair with a nice pair of heels or sandals for a night out on the town or just out for dinner. Whatever you decide to do, there is always the option to wear harem Ali Baba trousers.

Our trousers come in a variety of materials, the most popular being cotton and rayon. The cotton trousers are a little thicker and heavier than the soft lightweight rayon however they are all wonderful and are a must in every wardrobe.
Why not make these trousers a staple in your life. You will thank yourself if you do .

Anyway we hope you find the great looking Harem Ali Baba trousers you are after as we know how comfy you’ll be when you slip into them.

We are always on the look out for new styles and designs so keep coming back and checking with us!