Amazing Autumn


Ah Autumn – welcome back! How I have missed you… Now don’t get me wrong, I do love all of the seasons, however, personally Autumn is my favourite as there is just something so magical about it. The leaves going through their colour changes of the most glorious oranges and reds, the new smells that only the season can bring, not to mention the new crispness in the air. LOVE IT!

Autumn marks the transition from wonderful warm summers to cold and chilly winters. Starting in September and ending in December, the days have become noticeably shorter and the nights longer. Nothing wrong with that, all the more excuse to have a fire in the garden, wrap up warm and break out the warm mulled drinks 🙂

Each and every one of us has certain things that we associate with autumn and they are the same for many of us;

Harvest Season –

The warmth of the summer has passed and so it is time to start the last harvest of the year (depending on your crop of course). Many autumn harvest festivals are held and celebrations get well under way. The mood for the festivals are usually full of gladness for the abundance of the fruits and seeds of the earth along with general thankfulness to mother earth for allowing a wonderful season.


Conkers –

Oh yes, conkers bring back some serious memories or spending hours collecting conkers with friends and siblings and then spending hours sifting through those collected to find the  best one. That one conker is the one that my hopes and dreams of the season would be pinned on. I was convinced every year that that particular year would be mine. My time had come to perfect that indestructible conker. Or not……. I could never make my conkers last more than 3-4 games. I learnt not to play with the bigger kids 🙂

Ever-changing scenery –

As the weather cools down and the sun has taken his hat off, the deciduous trees start to shed their leaves. The reason that the leaves fall off is that they have reached maturity and, the less leaves on the tree over winter means that, the focus is on the main body of the tree when it comes to absorbing the nutrients needed to survive. It is not just the trees that change though. Have you ever gone and sat in a local field or the park or, perhaps been and sat down by the river on an autumn day and just had a look around you – the birds, the wildlife, the sky, everything. With each passing season it all changes. Everything looks so different one season from the next. Take in the sights and enjoy!

Halloween or Samhain –

A well loved festival by so many of us. A time when the veil is said to be the thinnest between realms. A time where it is said that if you have any loved ones that you wish to contact or just to hear you, this would be the time that you are most likely to be successful. Festivals for celebrating the dead are held all across the globe. Ghosts and ghouls were once free to wander the earth again, these days though, it is just likely to be the neighbourhood kids out trick or treating.

Halloween is the more commercial side of the holiday, costumes, decorations and part foods, the more lighthearted celebration if you will.  We carve pumpkins every year and this year shall be no exception. As soon as we can decide what to carve we will be well under way.

Tie Dye Wool Jumpers

Samhain on the other hand is the pagan festival celebrating the dead. Remembrance of loved ones is a big thing and is a liminal time which means that the boundary between our world and others can more easily be crossed. Feasts are held in the name of the dead and offerings left to encourage visits. These I think are the main associations but I am sure that you all have your own. That one thing that really stands out and makes you think of autumn.

Wrap up Warm


Another thing that I love about this time of year is that fact that it starts to get chilly. Ok so perhaps I am crazy as in the summer when it is cold, I hate it. Autumn though is something else, I love the cold. It is supposed to be cold! All of the main music festivals are over which means that it is time for some rest and relaxation. We start to say goodbye to our summer clothes and our thicker woollen festival clothes start to come out again. So wonderful! The time has come for long walks in the great outdoors, making sure that you stay warm by wearing a nice big wool jacket or jumper and maybe some gloves. Stopping off at your favourite cafe or pub for a nice warm drink then back home again to warm your rosy cheeks.

Once you are home and starting to thaw out, warm soups and hearty dinners are a must. Full and sated, the perfect end to a wonderful day is to curl up on the sofa with a brew, a blanket and a good book. Not to forget the hubby and the cats.

Do you see what autumn is great?! What is your favourite season and why?? Have a think and then let me know 🙂

Peace, Love & Light