Ancient Wisdom Essential Oil Massage and Bath Oils are available here at Mystical Mayhem Hippy Clothing and Gifts. Just for you, we sell a wide variety of British blended essential oils that are great for use as a massage oil and for the bath.

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Ancient Wisdom Essential Oil Massage and Bath Oils

Ancient Wisdom Essential Oil Massage and Bath Oils

All of our massage oils are made  from essential oils which have combined with the lovely grapeseed oil making them ready to use straight out the bottle without any messing around. This is a fabulous time saver as it can be seriously time consuming when you have to mix and dilute the oils yourself.

Ancient wisdom having been producing essential oils for many years now, believe it or not , for years and years, the Ancient Wisdom oils are the massage oils that I have always used myself.  I’m not just saying this as I truly have a bottle of the muscle ease oil in my side table and have used it in the bath and when getting a massage. They really are brilliant.
I have always like the quality of the oil and thought that it was about time my customers also had a chance to use these great oils.  For these massage and bath oils, the guys over at Ancient Wisdom have blended 18 different types of essential oils to make the best blended oils to help your needs.

Grapeseed Oil

Grapeseed oil is used as the base oil as it is good for your skin and makes a good blending oil. The grapeseed oil that is used in the Ancient Wisdom essential oil massage and bath oils is cold pressed as this keeps the oil at its most natural state. You will find that some companies use other methods that cause the oil to lose nutritional benefits as well as adding things that are not natural. Being hippy’s we do like natural.
For more information on grapeseed oil click here

Uses for Ancient Wisdom Essential Oil Massage and Bath Oils

We have such a variety of oils for many needs and ailments.Ladies – have you tried our PMT rescue oils – great in a bath and afterwards you can relax in some of your favourite hippy clothing, have a cuppa and relax. It really works wonders alongside clear skin and muscle ease.
Gents – how about Mr Clean Cut’s Shaving oil. Goes great with peppermint fresh. Clean shaven and smelling great, all you need now is to pop on some of your best hippie clothes and off you go. To be honest, Ancient Wisdom Essential Oil Massage and Bath Oils - Wellbeingalthough there are a few that are aimed at a specific sex, they can all be used by everyone as the essential oils are a great blend of things that are good for you and are all genuinely feel good oils. Try as many as you like, we have something to suit everyone.

Use in Aromatherapy

We have found that many people who practice aromatherapy use the well blended oils that Ancient Wisdom produce. The reason for this is that the quality is very good and for the price there is no rival. No need need to play around with blending essential oils with base oils as these handy 50ml glass bottles already come blended and ready to use. 

If you are looking to have your scalp massaged or you are feeling a little stressed and would like to unwind or need a little help drifting off to sleep then our range of Ancient Wisdom essential oil massage and bath oils will be able to help you forget your worries. These essential oils can also be added to the bath so you can get an up lifting aroma as you while away the hours relaxing in the warm water. All of Ancient Wisdom’s oils are blended here in the UK so when you purchase these beautifully made essential oil massage and bath oils you are buying from a British company that prides it self in creating high quality essential oils.