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Are you off to Bestival Festival 2016?

Yes we know that Bestival is a mix of Best and Festival, the festival organisers Rob da Bank and his wife could be trying to make claim that this is the best festival out there, Hippy Clothing HQ are not here to judge but we have heard good things about this festival found on the beautiful Isle of Wight .  This is one of the last festivals in the 2016 summer festival calendar and is always eagerly awaited by UK festival goers.
Bestival Festival

Yes that’s right another festival on the Isle of Wight, what’s going on there?  For anyone who has not been to the Isle of Wight before then you are in for a treat, the place is just beautiful, with sandy beaches and stunning views your are sure to find the place a great holiday destination.  It only seems right to get a load of people over there to have a cracking good time at a festival.  When the Isle of Wight festival was in it’s infancy the question was asked ‘would people really go to an island festival?’, I think that question has been answered with a resounding yes.

I was born on the IOW and although no longer live there can say the people are friendly and as mentioned above the scenery is beautiful, just make sure you plan your journey well in advance as if your popping over from the main land there are only a couple of options that get very busy at festival time, be prepared to sit in traffic if you travel at busy times.

DJ Rob da Bank and his wife Josie stage the 4 day music event, hosted on the islands Robin Hill Country Park on the island.  When Bestival started in 2004 it gathered 10,000 festival goers and has now grown to 55,000 a day.

Festival Awards
‘Best Medium-Sized Festival’ in 2005 – 2007 and in 2009.
‘Fan’s Favourite’ – 2011 and ‘Best Innovation’ – 2005.
‘Best Major Festival’ in 2010 and 2012.
‘Best Major Festival’ at the 2015 UK Festival Awards.

The four day festival takes place in September and this year falls between Thursday 8th – Sunday 11th.

So who’s there this year?
I’ll say this for sure there are a shed loads of musicians going to this festival, unfortunately the festival websites layout is done quite badly and so reading the line up is some what of a mission, all the artists are thrown on one page, I have no idea who is on what day but from the line up it does sound like there is something there for most people.  A few artists we picked out are Leftfield, The Cure, Hot Chip, Sean Paul, Human League, Goldie, Carl Cox, Fatboy Slim and so much more it would be silly to keep naming them but lots of DJ’s and bands to pick from.

Not a fan of music then look out for the worlds biggest bouncy castle, The Chuckle Brothers and much more in entertainment over the festival weekend.
Want to see if you can make sense of the lin up yourself then pop over to the festival website here