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bazzar StripHippy Clothing Bazaar

Welcome to our online version of the middle eastern Bazaar but with a hippy clothing twist.  Our aim is to create a friendly, welcoming and bright atmosphere where you can browse through our fantastic range of hippy clothing peacefully and at your own leisure. We hope we have achieved this for you.

What’s a Bazaar?

For those of you who are not sure what bazaar means well, quite simply, it means a permanent market style area where wonders are sold. All throughout the world you will find little hidden away alleys and tiny streets that sell strange and obscure things. These small out of the way places are better known as bazaars where you will normally find a bargain and bump into some very interesting people. These little places are the gems of the world and you really can find some amazing things. The term originates from the Persian word bāzār.

In traditional street bazaars, not only are goods sold but they can also be exchanged. If there is something that you see and that you like, if you have something that you think the owner would like instead of cash then you can haggle for an exchange. Oh the wonders of little street bazaars.

We like to think of our little online hippy clothing shop as a bazaar selling lots of fun and interesting hippy clothing items to our hippy happy shoppers. Not only does the Mystical Mayhem bazaar sell bazaar clothing, we also sell a fabulous range of gifts and throws.

Where do Bazaar’s Originate?

From what we have heard and what we can tell, Bazaars originated in the middle east.  You may also hear the term bazaar referred to as a “network of merchants, bankers, and craftsmen” who work in a specific area. Basically a large area that has a mixture of everything 🙂

Although the current meaning of the word is believed to have originated from Persia, its use has spread the word now exists in most languages throughout the world.  The rise of large bazaars and stock trad Bazaar Cothing ing centres in the middle eastern world allowed for the creation of new capitals and eventually even brand new empires. Wow huh!

 Now remember, don’t get the spelling of bazaar mixed up with bizarre as bizarre means strange and unusual. Although, in hind sight, this could also be a good way to describe our hippie clothing store and the hippy’s that work there.

Why not come and take a little look and see what our Mystical Mayhem Bazaar has for you and what wondrous bazaar clothing and gifts you can find.