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Beautiful Days Festival 2016

As the Levellers sing ‘What a beautiful day’, we say ‘what a beautiful festival idea’.

Now this is a real hippy music festival run by real hippies (not sure if they’d admit to that).
Beautiful days music festival is the Levellers’ family music festival. From the 19th August to the 12st August 2016 bands take to 6 stages in this sell out music festival.

Beautiful Days Festival takes place at Escot Park in Devon and as well as six stages boasts a huge children’s area, comedy acts, theatre and family camping.

To top this off there is licensed real ale bars from Otter Brewery & a fantastic choice of food and craft stalls to keep festival goers fed and entertained.

The main thing that really makes this medium sized festival as wonderful place is that Beautiful Days has no sponsorship, no branding and does not advertise.  This really is something that is needed in a society that heavily relies of brands and product placement.  To be at a festival and just have fun and enjoy the music with the constant bombardment of advertising is a truly beautiful thing.

This festival has proved that by not selling out to big corporations you can still have a fantastic festival that gives the people great line ups, and a great venue.

The Levellers started the festival in 2003 as they wanted to get the right element of cultural exchange back into festivals, the idea was and still remains to bring back the real festival feel as so many festival have lost touch with what it all really means to engage with people in a happy and friendly atmosphere.

When the festival first started it was only a two day festival but as the festival has grown so has the number of days the festival runs, now a three day event with six stages Beautiful days has really come a long way. The festival runs on the third weekend of August and conveniently coincides with one of the most corporate festival of the year ‘V Festival’. Although this was not originally deliberate, Mark Chadwick (singer of the Levellers) liked it because “the ethos of the festival is the antithesis of V.”

Beautiful Days Festival

In 2011 Beautiful Days was pronounced “Best Family Festival” by the UK Festival Awards.
It was awarded the Grass Roots Festival Award at the 2015 UK Festival Awards.
And in 2015 it was awarded the Best Medium Festival in the 2015 Awards.

So who is there this year?
The festival line up looks like a trip back to the 90’s and for me this would be a great thing, the likes of Reef, Leftfield, James, The Proclaimers, Terrorvision, The Coral, The Levellers (of course) and many more.

With the advent of commercial festivals we love the idea of this festival, if you didn’t manage to get tickets this year then we strongly suggest looking out for tickets next year.

Head over to the Festival Website here for more information.