It’s cold outside and you want to feel nice and cosy in your warm home, hows the best way to achieve this?
We all know the situation, you have just got in from a walk or a hard day at work, you stick the kettle on and if you have a fire place you get that going.  But you just feel like you need something to snuggle up in so you reach for your blanket pop on your wool socks and cosy up in front of the fire to read a nice book.

snuggle-in-your-hippie-blanket-on-a-cold-dayFor many generations blankets have been hung over sofas, thrown onto beds or used by cats to sleep on, suddenly the first cold day of the year hits and we all scramble to find the last known hiding place of our beloved blanket because it’s time for the blanket to shine in our hour of need. During the coldest parts of the year many people don’t have the central heating on due to rising fuel prices and even if the heating is on having a blanket to climb under gives us a feeling of safety and comfort. When I was younger I was a thumb sucker (my own I should say) and I always had a pillow instead of a comfy blanket.  As we get older the need for comfort doesn’t leave us but it does change, I no longer suck my thumb or have a comfort pillow but I do like to get under a nice warm blanket when it gets cold, they are great for sharing with your partner and the family cat.



Thinking for venturing outdoors this winter and not sure how to stay warm?
The sound of camping in the winter months for some sounds like utter madness but for others the feel of the fresh air on your face,  the way the world sounds when the leaves have fallen from the trees and the sky heavy with clouds is a pleasure that must be experienced.  Of course not all of us want to spend the whole night away from home in the middle of nowhere in the depths of winter so the next best thing is a fire in the garden, fire pits have become increasing popular over the last few years as we get back to our most primal of instincts, sitting by a nice open fire with good friends and a warm blanket.


Our soft feel blankets are made from an acrylic material better known as cashmilon.  This material is light weight, easy to fold up and store and great for helping keep the cold away.  As the material comes in so many different colours and styles it means we can give our customers a great choice in blanket.
The versatility of these blankets is so great as they  can also be used as scarfs, pashmina’s, picnic blankets, throws or just plain old comfy wraparound blankets.


So if you’re sitting at home and the cold is really starting to get to you then we suggest digging out your old blanket or if your blanket is too old then maybe its time to get a new blanket so you can wrap yourself up nice and cosy. Stick the kettle on, throw a couple more logs on the fire and stay nice and warm this winter, its what I’m going to be doing.   Stay cosy this winter guys.