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Herbal Remedies at Home – The Basics

Herbal Remedies at Home

Many of us hippy’s just love the idea of being able to make our own  hippy herbal home remedies. There is something very satisfying about being able to say, “I made that and it made me feel better”. Although they like the idea, many don’t usually bother as they think that it is going to be really hard work or really expensive. The fact is that making your own is neither.

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Hippy Snoods – The Epitome of Warmth

Hippy Snoods

Hippy-SnoodsThere is just something about the word snood that screams warmth and cosiness. Team that with an actual hippy snood and oh my goodness, heaven!! I have to say, here at hippy HQ we are loving our snoods right now – they really are so warm and are stopping up from becoming icicles in the warehouse this winter.

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Homeopathy – What is it??

Homeopathy – What is it??

Homeopathy gets labelled as the hippy medicine. I don’t have an issue with this however, those who see it that way just don’t know enough about it. It is a suitable form of treatment for all and for the majority of all illnesses and ailments. It is a safe, gentle and very natural system that helps to heal the body, relieve symptoms and improve overall health.  Homeopathy is the 2nd most popular form of medicine in the world. A more natural and less invasive way of treatment. Having been around for more than 200 years it really is a great holistic remedy.

Created in 1796 by Samuel Hahenmann as a form of alternative medicine, he based homeopathy on the  principal of “like treats like”. This is the belief that using a using a substance that is capable of causing symptoms can be used in smaller does to actually cure symptoms.

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Hippy Health & Wellbeing

Hippy Health & Wellbeing

Hippy health and well being should be at the forefront of our minds. We all know how important it is to ensure that we are all healthy and well in both body and mind. It is hey to a long and happy life that we are well in both areas as a healthy body but unsettled mind is not a good combination, nor is a healthy mind but unwell body – there are of course exceptions however, where these things are under our control they go hand in hand and should both be thought of as equally important.

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Hippy Clothing – A Way of Life

Hippy Clothing A Way Of Life – this is a statement that we feel very strongly about here at Mystical Mayhem Hippy Clothing. Both Nici and I are hippy’s through and through and cannot imagine being any different.

Hippy Clothing a Way of Life

Hippy Clothing a Way of LifeFor some people this might be a strange thing to hear but, the clothing we wear can define us as people. Hippy clothing especially as it  can be very expressive due to its bright colours and flamboyant designs. For me and many other people hippy clothing or the hippy style of clothing has become such a big part of life that it actually helps define us as people.  I did a job for many years that I never really liked but carried out as well you know, needs must. I would wake up,  throw on a shirt and tie and  would be told that I should keep my beard short if I was unwilling to get rid of it completely (I was the only one I knew in 100’s of employees who had a beard).

Like many other people out there, I couldn’t wait until the end of the day where I could throw the clothes that represented work Simon off and get into my hippy clothes (or normal clothes to me). We still get people phoning up to ask about what festival clothes they should buy to wear as a fancy dress, I always laugh and jokingly tell them that I find it funny when people phone to order my clothes for fancy dress when I just happen to be sitting wearing the very clothes they are talking about as part of my everyday clothes.

To me the hippy clothes we sell at Mystical Mayhem are not just bright funky fancy dress outfits but the wardrobe that helps me express myself to the world.  Believe me when I tell you that I have been laughed at, laughed with, had people approach me to ask about my clothing (and the beard), had many random conversations with all kinds of people from all walks of life and the starting point of the conversations is nearly always based on the way I look because of the hippy clothing I wear.

Festival Life

I got my first taste of festival life when I went to the V Festival many years ago when it was still very new and I was about 14.  I wish I had bothered to look into music festivals way before that time Hippy Clothing a Way of Life but hay ho.  James Brown was playing on one stage and the Chemical Brothers finished the last set in the dance tent.  I spent the first part of the day drinking cider and then a few hours undrinking cider.  The one thing that I found on my first walk around the festival was a yellow and black hippy top.  I put that top on and then never looked back because I had finally started to find where I would fit in.  I managed to keep that hippy top for  about 17 years before it got so thread bear it just wasn’t worth keeping any more. I knew then just as I know now that the hippy clothing I sell and the hippy clothing I live in is not just clothing but a way of life for me.

I may not be your traditional idea of a hippy; doesn’t work,  lives in a field, loves festival (yes I do), smokes dope (been there done that and didn’t move much other than to eat so stopped that), never washes (no comment), over uses the word ‘man’ (I still do actually, all the time), love the planet and life within (of course I do but I don’t like preaching about it), vegetarian (um sorry not this guy), has a beard (yep), wears the clothes (yep), tries to treat others with respect (yep).  Look at the end of the day I think there is a little hippy in all of us and if our hippy clothing can help you look great at a fancy dress or help bring light and joy into your life by brightening things up then we can’t ask for anything more, all I’ve ever really wanted to create with Mystical Mayhem was a place where people can come to find the hippy clothing that helps define them, I hope that’s what I have achieved.  Love and peace to you all.  Let me know if you need any help with anything on our website. Enjoy the hippy clothes and stay bright.


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4 Great Things to Do This Halloween


There is something about this time of year that sends everyone into an absolute frenzy, me included. Halloween is such a  fun and exciting day to celebrate. Ghosts, ghouls, witches and zombies alongside all monsters imaginable,  walk the streets in search for treats, causing fright, mischief and mayhem. What is not to love?!

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Amazing Autumn


Ah Autumn – welcome back! How I have missed you… Now don’t get me wrong, I do love all of the seasons, however, personally Autumn is my favourite as there is just something so magical about it. The leaves going through their colour changes of the most glorious oranges and reds, the new smells that only the season can bring, not to mention the new crispness in the air. LOVE IT!

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Hippy’s & Paganism

Round Hand Carved Wooden Pentagram

I have lost count of the times that people have assumed that because I am a hippy I am a pagan. Although the 2 often come hand in hand, they are not the same thing and in fact are very different. Being a hippy is a way of life and being pagan is a belief. I am not quite sure why people believe that they are one and the same but hey, I also don’t understand why people think the earth is flat…..

To be honest I can see where people get the idea from as many of the ideal systems are similar however not every hippy is pagan and not every pagan is a hippy. We have covered off what being a hippy means in several previous articles and so this time we are going to briefly go into Paganism.

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Mindfulness and Meditation in Everyday Life


We have covered with you the techniques to get you started with mediation with the basics on how to:  along with the benefits of why you should meditate and so now, we wanted to help you practice mindful meditation on a day to day basis. Make it a part of your day to day and you will not regret it.

What is mindfulness? In its simplest form, it is being aware of our conscious selves and our bodies and being able to be fully aware of our situation and surroundings.  It is something that we have been able to do since we were born however we lose a sense of this when we get stressed, upset, angry, tired and when we experience any other emotion going.

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