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How Hippies Really Love Using Doulas

In recent years, there has been a resurgence of interest in alternative birthing practices and holistic approaches to pregnancy and childbirth. One such practice that has gained popularity among a certain group of individuals, often associated with the counter-cultural movement of the 1960s and 1970s, is the use of doulas. These individuals, commonly known as […]

Why Hippies Love Art and Clothing

Introduction Hippies, renowned for their countercultural movement in the 1960s, truly embraced art and clothing as a means of expression and defiance against mainstream society. This article delves into the reasons behind their strong affinity for art and clothing, exploring the significance of self-expression, individuality, and the rejection of societal norms. Expressing Freedom through Art […]

How Hippy Clothing Has Changed Since The 60’s

How Hippy Clothing Has Changed Since The 60’s Hippie fashion, has undergone significant changes in the past six decades from when it first originated in the 1960’s as a symbol of counterculture. The free-spirited style, which was once associated with anti-war protests, peace signs, and tie-dye, has evolved into a mainstream trend that incorporates elements […]

Did Hippies Wear Camo?

Camo clothing isn’t necessarily something that springs to mind when you think of hippies and hippie clothing however, believe it or not camouflage was rather popular. Why you ask? Well..

Hippie’s in Lockdown

So the COVID19 situation has made many of us change the way we look at life. Our whole way of life has been turned upside down and here in the UK for the last 8 or so week we have been shut away from our friends and family. Some good things may come out of […]

What Do Hippies Do For Fun?

Hippies love to have fun just like everyone else. What people do for fun differs from person to person and means something different to each. Here are just a few wee things that I know most hippies do for fun.

How Can I Be A Hippie?

Absolutely anyone can be a hippy if they want to be. Much like anything else in this world, if you believe it, it can happen. It is all about mindset and how you behave towards yourself and other people. Hippy’s are inherently kind and caring people so there’s a starting point for you – If […]

What is A Hippie Commune?

Throughout the 60’s and 70’s a commune was a way of life. A way for like minded folk to come together and share. Many were built on three key principals which were trust, community and sharing. Without these three elements it wasn’t a commune, it wasn’t free living. Unfortunately as times changed communes started to […]

What are Some Hippie Words?

There are lots of words used today that were originally used by hippy’s back in the late 60’s. These words are not only used by hippie’s today but by many people all of different races and religions. Words that are used in every day life, day in and day out. When you say them you […]

Hippy Clothing on the Beach

Hippy Clothing on The Beach Hippy clothing can be worn all year round, everywhere and for all occasion. As winter is in full swing and spring is moving ever closer, now is the time that we think about getting away to sunnier climes. This is gives us the perfect opportunity to start digging out our […]