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What Do Hippy’s Do?

What Do Hippy’s Do? There seems to be a common misconception across the globe about us hippies. More often than not, folk tend to think of us as lazy layabouts with no jobs or aspirations and think that we take from the government not earning or doing for ourselves. Well, all I can say about […]

5 Hippy Things To Do This Summer

5 Hippy Things To Do This Summer It is no secret that hippies absolutely adore being outside. There really is just something about the fresh air.. Not to mention the fact that the sun seems to make the majority of the population relax and seem more at ease with life. No matter what you have […]

The Etymology of Hippie

Etymology First off, let’s start with what etymology means shall we. I know some have never heard the word before and it is naff when an article starts off with something that you don’t understand… Don’t worry about it though, it happens to me all the time!! Basically it is the study of the history […]

Top 5 Hippy Winter Warmers

Top 5 Hippy Winter Warmers The winter is coming to an end however, they (whoever they are) say that there is another cold snap a’ coming and so I wanted to share with you our top 5 hippy winter warmers to help see you through the remainder of the season. These top items of hippy […]

New Year, Same You – Good

New Year, Same You – Good Why is it that every time New Year rolls around everyone feels pressured into feeling that the must reinvent themselves… New hair, new diet and often a gym membership that gets paid up for the year and then only used for 1 month. Seriously, what is it about this […]

The History of Glastonbury Festival

The History of Glastonbury Festival Glastonbury Festival was started by founder and somerset dairy farmer Michael Eavis back in the 1970’s. Michael apparently had the idea to create a festival while watching a Led Zepplin gig at the open air festival ‘Bath Festival of Blues and Progressive Music 1970’. The first festival that he put […]

Hippy T-Shirts

Hippy T-Shirts Hippy T-shirts are a classic staple of hippy’s across the globe, both male and female. This is the reason that we have such a great collection for you. T-shirts can be worn come rain or shine and look great with just about any outfit. You will be amazed at how smart these look […]

A Hippy Day Out In Aberdeen

A Hippy Day Out In Aberdeen Aberdeen is a wonderful city to visit. Full of wonderful architecture and super friendly locals, it sure does make you pleased to be part Scottish. Known as Granite city due to the fact that many of its buildings contain granite. During the mid 18th century through to mid 20th […]

Non Authentic Hippy Clothing on The High Street

Non Authentic Hippy Clothing So what exactly do I mean when I state that there is non authentic hippy clothing on the high street? Well, to be honest, I mean exactly that – the clothing that you will find today in your high street shops are a very mainstream version of what it should be. […]

Cotton Baggy Trousers

Cotton Baggy Trousers Sometimes there is just nothing better than putting on a pair of comfortable baggy trousers. Fact! After a day at work many people like to get home and change out of their work clothes. For many of us this means changing out of “normal” people clothes and into our normal hippy clothing. […]