Hippy T-Shirts

Hippy T-Shirts Hippy T-shirts are a classic staple of hippy’s across the globe, both male and female. This is the reason that we have such a great collection for you. T-shirts can be worn come rain or shine and look great with just about any outfit. You will be amazed at how smart these look […]

A Hippy Day Out In Aberdeen

A Hippy Day Out In Aberdeen Aberdeen is a wonderful city to visit. Full of wonderful architecture and super friendly locals, it sure does make you pleased to be part Scottish. Known as Granite city due to the fact that many of its buildings contain granite. During the mid 18th century through to mid 20th […]

Non Authentic Hippy Clothing on The High Street

Non Authentic Hippy Clothing So what exactly do I mean when I state that there is non authentic hippy clothing on the high street? Well, to be honest, I mean exactly that – the clothing that you will find today in your high street shops are a very mainstream version of what it should be. […]

Cotton Baggy Trousers

Cotton Baggy Trousers Sometimes there is just nothing better than putting on a pair of comfortable baggy trousers. Fact! After a day at work many people like to get home and change out of their work clothes. For many of us this means changing out of “normal” people clothes and into our normal hippy clothing. […]

What Are Chakras?

What Are Chakras? So, just what are chakra’s? – this is a question that lots of people want to ask but just don’t. Chakra talk is everywhere and some people just expect others to know exactly what they are talking about when discussing them. Rubbish – we all had to start somewhere right?! You aren’t […]

The wonderful world of hippy clothing

The wonderful world of hippy clothing. Oh the wonders and magic of hippie clothing. To think the clothing ideas are unlimited. The wonderful world of hippy clothing   Mystical Mayhem Hippy Clothing has been at the heart of the hippy clothing scene since we were first born in 2010.  Yes we know this was not […]

Keeping Cool in Crop Tops

Keeping Cool in Crop Tops Well, finally it seems like the summer is here, wohoo!, and what says summer more than brightly coloured hippy crop tops…. There is nothing nicer than having the sun shine down on us warming our skin. Did you know that it has been scientifically proven that the sun makes us […]

Home Remedies for Heartburn

Home Remedies for Heartburn Let’s face it, heartburn is a bitch and unfortunately, we have all had it at one time or another – did you know that most of us have items in our own homes that can ease the symptoms? Well we do and so, here we will go through a few home […]

Don’t Be Short on Shorts This Summer

Don’t Be Short on Shorts This Summer Ah, the magic of the sunshine can make the world seem so much better. It is important to stay nice and cool in the heat and that is why we say don’t be short on shorts this summer. Let it never be said that us hippy types don’t […]

Why We Go Potty for Patchwork Trousers

Why We Go Potty for Patchwork Trousers Here at Mystical Mayhem Hippy Clothing we adore patchwork hippy clothing and so, we will tell you just why we go potty for patchwork trousers. Firstly there are no limits to the designs that you can have. As most of you well know, us hippy’s embrace uniqueness and love […]

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