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10 Home Remedies for Treating Sunburn

10 Home Remedies for Treating Sunburn

10 home remedies for treating sunburn

The sun is shining and with the best will in the world, some of us are going to get sunburn – it happens to us all and so, this is why we thought we would share with you our top 10 home remedies for treating sunburn. Sunburn can happen extremely quickly so please, make sure that you take the necessary precautions and use plenty of sunscreen. Apply it regularly and wear a sun hat. Lots of people think that you don’t get a tan when wearing lotion however that is poop. You can still tan. I wear factor 30 and then drop to 15 and still get a¬† nice healthy glow. LOVE the summer!

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Spring Has Sprung!

Spring has Sprung!

Spring has Sprung - Spring FlowersOoh yes – it is true – Spring has indeed sprung. Ah so it’s that time of the year again when the flowers are blooming, the days are getting longer and there are baby animals everywhere. It is not spring unless you have seen some cute baby lambs about! You would of course have to pass them on the road side as I don’t think lambs have a habit of popping out and about the town! Not that I have seen anyways….

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Amazing Hippy Gifts

Gifts,-Musical-Instruments,-Incense,-JewelleryOur Hippy Gifts

There are so many points in life where we have reason to buy someone some amazing hippy gifts. Whether it is a special occasion like a Birthday, Christmas is on the way or, you have a wedding to go to, we have something here at Mystical Mayhem Clothing and Gifts that will please even the fussiest hippy in your life. To be honest, you really don’t need a special occasion to get a gift for a friend or a loved one. The best hippie gifts are the surprise unexpected ones that are bought for no reason other than, just because. Continue reading Amazing Hippy Gifts

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Hippy Dresses and Why We Love Them So!

Hippy Dresses – We Love You!

Hippy DressesWe go nuts for hippy dresses here at Mystical Mayhem Hippy Clothing – well I do because I wear them but Sy, perhaps not so much. Don’t get me wrong he likes them but just doesn’t wear them as often as I do ūüėČ

When people think of hippies they often think of women first and foremost. When that image of a hippy chick comes into their heads, what are they usually wearing? More often than not it is a beautiful long and flowing dress. Bright in colour and bold in pattern,¬† what’s not to love!
The freedom of wearing a dress is amazing and then when you can find one that is comfortable. Ours are funky and pretty too so what more can you ask for?! Oh yes, wonderful quality and great prices!

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Different Types of Natural Hippy Remedies

Styles of Natural Remedies

Dried-HerbsWell, who knew that there were so many ways in which to make and prepare your hippy herbal remedies. When I first started looking into herbal remedies and concoctions, in my naivety I assumed that there would be one or 2. But oh no, there are so many!
In this article I will list a just few of them as there really are quite a few. In a couple of weeks we will give you wonderful folks some recipes that you can try on your very own. Once you start making your own remedies, it is really hard to stop as they are a great help. They easing aches, pains and are brilliant for re-invigoration . Give them a try! They are awesome fun to make too!

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Beekeeping – A Hippy Hobby & Why It Is So Important

Beekeeping –¬† A Marvellous Hippy Hobby

Hippy Beekeeping Bees Flying Into Hive
Bees flying into Hive

It is well known that hippy’s love all things nature and love to find ways to help sustain the health of the earth – There are many ways in which we can help and one of my absolute favourites is¬† beekeeping.

Many people don’t actually realise just how important honey bees are and why we really really need to do all we can to help the species survive. The main thing that the little beauties do to help us meagre humans survive in this world is pollination.

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Herbal Remedies at Home – The Basics

Herbal Remedies at Home

Many of us hippy’s just love the idea of being able to make our own¬† hippy herbal home remedies. There is something very satisfying about being able to say, “I made that and it made me feel better”. Although they like the idea, many don’t usually bother as they think that it is going to be really hard work or really expensive. The fact is that making your own is neither.

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Hippy Snoods – The Epitome of Warmth

Hippy Snoods

Hippy-SnoodsThere is just something about the word snood that screams warmth and cosiness. Team that with an actual hippy snood and oh my goodness, heaven!! I have to say, here at hippy HQ we are loving our snoods right now – they really are so warm and are stopping up from becoming icicles in the warehouse this winter.

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Homeopathy – What is it??

Homeopathy – What is it??

Homeopathy gets labelled as the hippy medicine. I don’t have an issue with this however, those who see it that way just don’t know enough about it. It is a suitable form of treatment for all and for the majority of all illnesses and ailments. It is a safe, gentle and very natural system that helps to heal the body, relieve symptoms and improve overall health. ¬†Homeopathy is the 2nd most popular form of medicine in the world. A more natural and less invasive way of treatment. Having been around for more than 200 years it really is a great holistic remedy.

Created in 1796 by Samuel Hahenmann¬†as a form of alternative medicine, he based homeopathy on the ¬†principal of “like treats like”. This is the belief that using a using a substance that is capable of causing symptoms can be used in smaller does to actually cure symptoms.

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