Pack your Poncho

Hippy Ponchos   As the hippie saying goes ‘everything’s perfect in a poncho’. Ok, so we may have just created this saying but I think it fits well. It may not be perfect but personal opinion is that wearing a poncho makes things a damn sight better! Get ready guys and pack your poncho! Ponchos […]

What Do Hippies Look Like?

What do hippy’s look like anyway? Every summer you see it: a resurgence of interest in hippy clothing. Fashionistas emerge from their winter wool chrysalis floating through the warm days in light flowing layers like beautiful boho butterflies. OK, so that may be an exaggeration, but you get the picture. As soon as the sun […]

Hippy Clothing UK – Male Clothing Idea – Smart Hippy

Hello again lovely gentlemen! With the sun comes weddings, family bbqs and many formal occasions that require smart casual wear. With these occasions we know how hard it can be to look smart but still feel like your usual hippy self. We find at times like these simple hippy works best! This week’s outfit is […]

Origins of the Mexican Jerga Baja Top

Mexican Baja Hoody Origins The Mexican jerga baja top has been around for a wee while now, but what is it that makes these hoodies so ruddy popular? Oh there are so many reasons. Let’s start off with the fact that they look awesome shall we and we can build on it from there. Why […]

Cornish Pewter Necklaces Are A Stylish Hippy Accessory

Hippy Pewter Necklaces As a small family run company our aim is to make sure that we always provide our customers with a great choice of funky handmade items.  We sell everything from beautiful jewellery through to clothing and gifts. We like to make sure that you, our friends have lots to choose from when […]

Hippy Clothing UK – Ladies Outfit Idea – We Like Short Shorts

Good morning lovely ladies! With the lovely warm weather it being the festival season, we thought what wardrobe is complete without shorts.. Shorts are so versatile and can be worn pretty much all year round depending on what they are worn with. F example, in the wonderful summer time when you are out at a […]

Preparing For Your Hippy Summer BBQ

Preparing for Your Hippy Summer BBQ   When the weather is anywhere near decent, us Brits love to be in the garden burning food over hot coals. Yes that’s right, burning! A hippy summer BBQ wouldn’t be the same unless everything tastes slightly charred. That’s what a BBQ is right otherwise we would jut cook […]

Festival Clothing All Year Round

Hippy Clothing At Your Fingertips What to do…’ve had the best summer during the festival season! Now though, the season is over. But you still want to be able to get hold of that funky hippy clothing that you see at those bright festival stalls. That wonderful clothing that really makes you feel like yourself. […]

Hippy Clothing UK – Male Outfit Idea – Cool Summer!

Ok, so it may be raining gents but that is after all the British summertime for you. It may be wet but it is still warm so here is an outfit idea to keep you nice and cool! This funky outfit is made up of a pair of our fantastic pairs of black baggy cotton […]

How Hippy Clothing Has Changed

Modern Hippy Clothing Hippy clothing has been at the forefront of alternative wear for many years.  The hippie movement of the 1960’s changed the way people look at themselves.  In many cases for the first time, people were fighting the norm and standing up to being different.  People had realised that being different was not […]

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