Boho Clothing

Boho Clothing

Our range of boho clothing is fun fresh and funky.
Yep that’s right, we’ve gone all boho on you!

For those of you who are unaware, boho is the shortened version of the term bohemian which essentially translates to wander, free spirit and someone who is just that bit unconventional, not the norm.
Who wants to be the norm right?!?!?

Mystical Mayhem Hippy Clothing has a wide range of boho clothing and we just love to shout about it.  Why?  Well, we have been stocking hippy boho clothing since we first open our online doors back in 2010 and the boho range has proven to be oh so very popular.  Boho clothing has always gone hand in hand with the hippy styles as they both promote unique fun fashion. With the bold styles and colours hippy and boho clothing is such a wonderful way to express yourselves. We have boho clothing for mean and women and have so many different styles,
Looking for something that you can wear to a wedding, not too loud but still represents you as a person, we have it! Looking for something loud and lairy for the summertime, well, we have that too. We have something for almost every occasion and such a wonderful choice that there is almost always something for everyone!

We use fabrics that provide a vibrant look and think that although it is important that the clothing looks good, it is just as important that the clothing feels good too! Clothing that looks and feels great = a very happy boho hippy 🙂
Boho fashion is at the heart of our business.  We are inspired by the boho and hippy styles that should never be forgotten which is why we spend so much time looking for new styles and designs for you. Watch this space to see what is coming next.

Take a tour of our online hippy boho clothing store by clicking on any of the categories below. You will be pleasantly surprised and at the range we have waiting for you!