Browser Info

Why will my browser not work on your website?

**The most common issues with not being able to view our website is out of date browsers.**
This is normally related to but not exclusive to older versions of Internet Explorer (8 and lower).

Want to know which browser you are using and if it’s up to date
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For best results we recommend

Downloading Google Chrome for free.
Click here for download
Google chrome updates regularly and supports the new code our website and many other new websites use.
Older versions of Internet Explorer cannot work with the new code many website are now implementing.  

Internet Explorer Issues

Internet Explorer 8 and lower may not work with our website as older versions are not updated.
If you are not able to upgrade to IE 9 or higher then we recommend using Google Chrome.
Some Internet Explorer users may find they are unable to upgrade to better versions of Explorer due to the operating system they are using.
This again is Mircosoft that have caused this issue by holding upgrades on older operating systems.
Bob Dylan once sang ‘for the times they are a-changin’.
Internet Explorer is changing but only the newer versions.

Check what version of Internet Explorer you are using by clicking here

Keeping up with the times

Please understand that every effort is made to make sure that our website works across as many browsers as possible.
As the internet changes we aim to keep up with the trends and technologies that make our website and user experience better.
Unfortunately Internet explorer 8 and lower is unable to keep up with current website technology.
This is not our fault and I am sorry if you have had an issue.
We recommend you either upgrade to a newer version of your operating system or
download Google Chrome.
In case you wondered we don’t work for Google but Google Chrome sure works for our website.
The newest version of Firefox also works a treat.

Deleting Browser History/Cache  

If you are having issues viewing our website then please follow instructions below for deleting your browser history and cache.
We have included information for Google Chrome, Internet Explorer 10 and Firefox users.

If you still experience issues after following these steps then we are very sorry.
We are available to talk to on the phone via our contact page and can take telephone orders.


Google Chrome

1. Go to settings menu at the top right of the browsers.  Scroll down to settings.


2. Go to ‘History’ at the top right of the settings page.


3. Select ‘Clear Browsing Data’

4. Set the settings as seen in the screen shot below and then hit the ‘clear browsing data’ button.  After this has been complete please refresh the Mystical Mayhem website by going to our web page and pressing F5 on your keyboard or using the refresh icon to the left of the web address bar at the top of the browser. Hopefully it now works fine.


Internet Explorer 10

1. Go to the settings menu by clicking on either the tool cog at the top right of the browser and then selecting ‘internet options’.
Go to step 2 if you use this method.


Use the ‘Tool’ drop down menu found at the top left of the browser. This also has a short cut straight to the ‘delete browser history’ page.  Skip to step 3 if you use this method.

2. Select delete as shown in the screen shot below.

3. Tick boxes as shown and then press delete.  You may find that you need to un-tick the top box ‘Preserve Favourites’ if this fix does not work.

4.  Click ‘Apply’ and then ‘Ok’.  Wait for internet explorer to delete your browsing history.  A box will appear at the bottom of the web page when this has been completed.  Please then go to our website and press F5 or the refresh icon to refresh the web page.  Hopefully it now works fine.



1. Selected the ‘Firefox’ drop down menu at he top right of your browser.  Then select ‘History’ and then ‘Clear recent History’.

2. Select the time range of ‘everything’ and then tick the boxes we have shown below.  Then press ‘clear now’.
Hopefully our website now works for you.