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Hippie Festival Clothing

Welcome to Mystical Mayhem Hippie Festival Clothing

When you think festival, as well as thinking about the actual festival and how awesome it is going to be, we want you to think of Mystical Mayhem.  Here at Mystical Mayhem we want to be your staple for festival clothing.  We want to try and make sure that we have what you need to keep you looking bright, bold and hippie for the festivals. We stock such a wide range of alternative Hippie festival clothing here that we think that we have most of your festival needs ready.

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Funky Festival Clothes

Funky Festival ClothingFunky Festival Clothes

Funky Festival Clothes have always been at the forefront for Mystical Mayhem. It is a huge part of who we are and we wear the hippy clothing ourselves so it’s personal for us and means a lot.
Festivals have become a major part of the summer that so many of us wait for all year however,  but there is no need to wait for festival season to get your hippie clothing, as we stock the latest in funky festival fashion all year around.  Our fresh and funky festival clothing is handmade in several countries including Nepal, India and Thailand.  We design and stock a wide range of clothing perfect for getting your funk on.

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Hippie Rock Festivals

Festivals really are truly amazing and each one is an experience of a lifetime. If you go to festivals regularly then you will know exactly what we are talking about. For those hippies, rockers and anyone else who have never been to one I would highly recommend it. Festivals are an experience that you will never forget. If you love music then you will love going to a rock festival! Trust us, we have been to loads and will continue to do so until, well the end of all time! Continue reading “Hippie Rock Festivals” »

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The Many Benefits of Tea

Tea CupThe Benefits of Tea and Why you Should Drink at Least 1 Cup per day

Mmmm tea – I have to say that I love tea and could drink it all day long. Black tea, white tea, green tea and herbal teas. You name it, I have probably tried it and may even have some in my tea cupboard – yes that’s right, I have a cupboard dedicated to tea.  What’s great about all of the different teas available is that they are all good for different things and help with many different ailments. Another great thing is that you can make some of them yourself and even invest new flavours!

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Dungarees Are Back Baby!

Hippy Om DungareesDungarees are the Don!

Much to my excitement, dungarees have done the rounds and are back with a vengeance and, it looks as though they are back to stay. Woohoo! Dungarees are one of the most versatile pieces of clothing that you can get. They are available in so many different styles and can be worn in so many different ways. They also work for both men and women. What’s not to love?!??!

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