What Do Hippies Do For Fun?

Hippies love to have fun just like everyone else. What people do for fun differs from person to person and means something different to each. Here are just a few wee things that I know most hippies do for fun.

What is A Hippie Commune?

Throughout the 60’s and 70’s a commune was a way of life. A way for like minded folk to come together and share. Many were built on three key principals which were trust, community and sharing. Without these three elements it wasn’t a commune, it wasn’t free living. Unfortunately as times changed communes started to […]

What are Some Hippie Words?

There are lots of words used today that were originally used by hippy’s back in the late 60’s. These words are not only used by hippie’s today but by many people all of different races and religions. Words that are used in every day life, day in and day out. When you say them you […]

Hippy Clothing on the Beach

Hippy Clothing on The Beach Hippy clothing can be worn all year round, everywhere and for all occasion. As winter is in full swing and spring is moving ever closer, now is the time that we think about getting away to sunnier climes. This is gives us the perfect opportunity to start digging out our […]

Top Tips For A Sustainable Christmas

Go Green This Holiday Season ‘Tis the season to be jolly! The holiday season begins and the Christmas count down is on. For many this is the time of year that they have been looking forward to the most – an excuse to eat, drink and be merry. A guilt free excuse to shop, to […]

What Do Hippy’s Believe In?

What Do Hippy’s Believe In? This is a question quite commonly asked because many people seem to share the misconception that “Hippy” is a religion. As I am sure that you can glean from my use of the word misconception, this is in fact not true! Being a hippy does not limit your belief in […]

What Do Hippy’s Do?

What Do Hippy’s Do? There seems to be a common misconception across the globe about us hippies. More often than not, folk tend to think of us as lazy layabouts with no jobs or aspirations and think that we take from the government not earning or doing for ourselves. Well, all I can say about […]

5 Hippy Things To Do This Summer

5 Hippy Things To Do This Summer It is no secret that hippies absolutely adore being outside. There really is just something about the fresh air.. Not to mention the fact that the sun seems to make the majority of the population relax and seem more at ease with life. No matter what you have […]

The Etymology of Hippie

Etymology First off, let’s start with what etymology means shall we. I know some have never heard the word before and it is naff when an article starts off with something that you don’t understand… Don’t worry about it though, it happens to me all the time!! Basically it is the study of the history […]

Top 5 Hippy Winter Warmers

Top 5 Hippy Winter Warmers The winter is coming to an end however, they (whoever they are) say that there is another cold snap a’ coming and so I wanted to share with you our top 5 hippy winter warmers to help see you through the remainder of the season. These top items of hippy […]

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