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How to Create Your Own Hippy Space

Hippy Gypsy House- GardenI think that no matter what, no matter how much we love our husbands, wives and children etc, sometimes, we just need 5 minutes on our own with no interruptions. A few minutes of peace and quiet to collect our thoughts, take a deep breath and regroup. In this day and age when we are all so busy it is super, super important to have a place where we can go for time to ourselves. A place where we can feel relaxed and comfortable if even only for 2 minutes. Everyone needs that special hippy place.

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3 Festival Looks for Women: Hippy, Gypsy Tribal and Vintage

hippy-festival-womanIt’s never too early to start planning your festival outfits. And with tickets for our summertime favourites on sale now, we’re wondering whether to go hippy, gypsy tribal, vintage – or all three!
Festivals are challenging for the fashion-conscious – and a bit of planning works wonders.

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Hippy Campers – What’s Your Choice: Campervan, Caravan or Tent?

Hippy Camping‘Got to get back to the land and set my soul free’ – Joni Mitchell, Woodstock lyrics
It may be a touch chilly for camping here in the UK. But we can dream!
Whether you’re planning fabulous festival accommodation, your summer camping holiday or a glamping spot in the back garden, you’ll probably need to decide between a campervan, tent or caravan.
If you haven’t already chosen how you’ll camp this year, check out our guide to these fab hideouts, plus tips on how to decorate them, hippy-style…

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