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Hippy Clothing UK Brings You Cornish Pewter Necklaces

We have always made sure that as a small family run company we provide our customers with a great choice of handmade.  Our clothing items come from places like Nepal, India, Thailand and Indonesia.  Don’t get me wrong we love the clothes that come from these wonderful countries but we wanted to bring our customers something from a little closer to home.  Jewellery and hippy clothing go together hand in hand as its always great to accessorise (or so my wife tells me, who am I to argue?) 🙂 .
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Hippy Clothing UK Product Video 2016

Here at Hippy HQ we are always looking at new ways to showcase our product range, we know that customers don’t always like to scroll through websites to see whats about.  Although our range of clothing does change on a week to week basis due to new clothing lines arriving from different parts of the world, we have managed to put together a little video of some (we just couldn’t do all the items are there are far to many) of our fantastic hippy clothing range.  Keep an eye out for future videos as I’m sure we will have more on the way.  Any comments then please let us know.

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