Before using any supplement you should always consult your doctor to ensure there is no conflict with other medication or your health condition is not affected. Please consult your doctor before using this supplement.
The use of CBD oil is not to be considered a replacement for prescription drugs or other medical treatments.

CBD oil is best taken by dropping under the tongue (Sublingual), you then hold for approximately 30 seconds and then swallow. This is known to provide the best results as it promotes rapid absorption through soft tissues under the tongue. You can also drop onto food as a second option.

The recommend dosage reads: Using a couple of times a day drop one or two drops onto the tongue, do not exceed 200mg daily. There are approximately 185 drops per 10ml bottle.
500mg(5%) = 2.7mg per drop
1000mg (10%) = 5.4mg per drop
1500mg (15%) = 8.1mg per drop

There is no hard and fast rule for dosage when it comes to CBD oil. Everyone is different and so you will have to spend some time working out what best works for you, starting with a small dose and increasing slowly will give you the best results over time so some patience is needed in the beginning.