Celtic Throws

Celtic Throws

Welcome to Mystical Mayhem Hippy Clothing.
We stock a wide variety of Indian handmade Celtic throws, all of which have been handmade and are made from 100% cotton.

Because we know just how popular not just throws but Celtic throws are, we stock a wide range of hippie style colourful Celtic throws.  All if our Celtic throw collection comes from India were not only are the all handmade just for you but they are hand dyed also.

You will find that throws are super versatile and have so many uses. Just to name a few examples – they can be used as bed spreads, wall hangings, throws or even picnic or beach blankets.  What ever you use these Celtic throws for we are sure they will help you stand out and make your life much more more colourful.

 The Celtic swirls and knots you see in modern Celtic artwork date back many years to around 600AD and are the very successful result of combining  traditional ‘Celtic’ styles with Anglo-Saxon art. This combination became known as  ‘Insular’ or ‘island’ artwork.  Insula is the Latin term for island.

In the post Roman history of Britain and Ireland the two countries it was said that they used a style of art that was not yet used or even seen throughout the rest of Europe.  The artwork has its roots deep within the church which is where it was thought to of originated.  This new style with the knots and Celtic swirls were used to form impressive pieces of metal for the secular elite and used to make stone work often found in churches and grave yards across Ireland and medieval England.   This form of art grew into what we now call Celtic designs.

   We stock tie dye Celtic Throws and plain colour Celtic throws (although we say plain we do not mean boring). Our wonderful colour range includes purple, orange, yellow, brown, red, green, turquoise, blue and many other coloured Celtic throws.  Our hippie and Celtic throw range is always being updated so please save our web address and come back and see us soon.   Watch this space…