Handmade hippy clothing care should be an important part of owning hippy clothing. Here is a quick over view of how to care for your purchased products.  Scroll down of more specific item washing instructions.

hand wash

For best results in extending the life of your new item we recommend you handwash ALL of our clothing and throws separately in cold water. Machine wash at your own risk.

For best results and extending the life of your hippy clothing we recommend line drying all our products with the exception of the heavy wool jackets. For best results in drying wool jackets we recommend lying them flat across a drying rack over the bath. This prevents the weight of the water stretching the items.  Placing wool jackets in the washing machine spin cycle will help remove some of the water.  We recommend you use a low spin cycle for this.  Tumble dry our products at your own risk.

Cotton Grandad Shirts and Cotton Trousers
These items should be hand washed separately in cold water and then lined dried.  You may find that the material bunches on drying.  Ironing these garments will resolve this issue and return the items to their original state.

Wool Jackets
These items should be hand washed separately in cold water.  Most modern washing machines have a wool wash setting.  We will always recommend hand washing your woollen festival clothing  Handmade Hippy Clothing Careitems regardless as hand washing will help prolong the life of the garment.  Customers using the washing machine do so at their own risk.
Line drying can stretch your wool jacket due to the amount of water the item is able to hold.  Using a spin cycle on the washing machine can help to remove most of the water.  We recommend you only use a low spin cycle.  For best results in drying we recommend you lay the garment flat across a drying rack over a bath.  This helps spread the weight of the garment and should help prevent over stretching.