Collarless Grandad Shirts and Hooded Grandad Shirts

Collarless Grandad Shirts and Hooded Grandad Shirts

Here are Mystical Mayhem, you would think that collarless grandad shirts were uniform as we wear them so often. Why do we wear them so often? Well, for starters they are uber comfortable due to the soft cotton that they are made from. Also, they come in such a range of colours you cannot get bored and do not need to wear the same coloured short for at least 2 weeks ūüôā
We stock a wide variety of Nepalese collarless grandad shirts and hooded grandad shirts.  Currently we stock 19 different colours of grandad shirts in 3 different sizes   This is just an overview of some of the different grandad shirts we have in stock.

Collarless Grandad Shirts

Mystical Mayhem Hippy Clothing has a wide range of collarless grandad shirts for you to choose from.  These fantastic 100% cotton striped hippie style collarless grandad shirts are handmade in Nepal and carry the Bares branding.

All of our collarless grandad shirts all have 3 coconut shell buttons, one left breast pocket and one right side hidden waist pocket.  Our collarless grandad shirts come in 3 main sizes and a plethora of amazing colours. We have bright colours for the more adventurous of you and and toned down colours for the more conservative!
We always advise you check the the detailed sizes though as our sizes may differ to other clothing companies sizes due to the handmade nature.

Our hippie style¬†collarless grandad shirts come in a variety of colours including cream, green, charcoal, turquoise,¬†orange, red, purple, brown and many more.¬†¬†You don’t have to be a hippie to wear these great hippie style collarless shirts.

Hooded Grandad Shirts
These wonderful hooded shorts are a huge hit with the gents. People have asked in the past ¬†‘how can you have a grandad shirt with a hood?’¬† I wish we knew the answer, the fact is that the hooded variation of the collarless grandad shirt are a great seller, they look good and feel great so to be honest, we just don’t question it.

These hooded grandad shorts have everything that makes the grandad shirt great.  These shirts are 100% cotton handmade in Nepal and carry the Bares branding.  They all have wooden toggles and a hood that makes these hippie style shirts come to life.
These striped hippy style hooded grandad shirts come in  variety of sizes including .  Our hooded grandad shirts also come in several different colours, dark green, red, purple, brown, charcoal, cream/turquoise and black/white striped ( and more) .  We are sure if you love wearing normal grandad shirts then our hooded variety will be a winner.
They are a little thicker than the standard grandad shirt which makes them perfect for the colder days.