Colours and Their Meanings

Colours and Their MeaningsHave you ever wondered what the colours you wear say about you? Or perhaps you’d like to wear more bright and beautiful colours, and need a place to start. Hippies are known for being comfortable with colour, and what’s more, we can use the colours we wear to help us set our intentions for the day. Before you reach for your trusty black or grey clothes, stop. There’s a rainbow of colours out there – each with its own special vibe. Check out our guide to radiant dressing – hippy clothing style.

It really is true that wearing certain colours can make you feel a particular way. Happier, energised and more positive. Colours really can set you up for the day which is why we wanted to tell you about some of our favourite colours and their meanings.

PurpleColours and Their Meanings - Purple Rimmed Hat

Purples, indigoes, violets and lilacs are standbys in the world of hippie clothing fashion. The crown and third eye chakras are associated with violet and indigo respectively, meaning that purples connect us with our higher, spiritual selves and our intuition. Before the days of synthetic dyes, purple was difficult and expensive to make, meaning that only the wealthy could afford to wear it. Rich Romans dyed their togas Imperial Purple, and Cleopatra was also a big fan. So think of purple as a royal colour, something to connect you with your higher self, sometimes known as your sovereign self. Just stick to a flash of purple sock if you’re heading to that job interview though!


Blue is a beautiful colour to connect you with your visionary, thinking self. Associated with the element of air, it stimulates intelligence, imagination, dreams and ideas. Bright blues such as turquoise aid the throat chakra, which governs communication– perfect for hippies, as we love to express ourselves! If you’re studying, add blue elements to the room where you get your essays done. To connect with your emotions, choose a deep green-blue, symbolic of water.

Colours and Their Meanings - Green KaftanGreen

Green is an amazing colour for everyone! It’s a lucky, healing colour. Green is all about nature, growth and fertility. This makes it ideal when your intention is to feel more abundant and attract more money into your life. It’s also a great colour for physical health, so wear green when you’re doing yoga, walking in nature or lying back on the grass, watching the clouds go by. You can also wear gorgeous earthy green tones to keep you grounded if you’re a dreamer who wants to be more of a doer. Green is the colour of the heart chakra, so wear it for love, too. To be honest, green can be worn for many a reason other than it is beautiful. If you mix a little green in with every outfit that you wear, even if just your pants, and you will most certainly benefit from it.
Once you understand a little more about colours and their meanings, you can decide what colours work best for you.


Sunny yellow is the colour of happiness. It’s linked with the solar plexus chakra, which is in charge of our confidence, self-worth and self-esteem. It’s the colour of inspiration – that magic spark that sometimes sets us alight – as well as success. Yellow is joyful and reminds us of childhood, so wear it if you need a burst of energy and want to stimulate creativity and play. Or, wear yellow if you’re feeling a bit gloomy and need a boost. It’s the perfect antidote to a case of the blues. Sun a fun tone to wear, it really will brighten your spirits on a most miserable day. I have found that yellow tends to boost the moods of the people around the wearer too!

OrangeColours and Their Meanings - Orange Trousers

If yellow is the spark, orange is the flame. Fire is consciousness. It’s a catalyst and makes for big changes. Orange is associated with the sacral chakra, our main emotional centre which controls how we interact with life and the people around us. If you’ve lost your sparkle, you need more orange in your wardrobe! Orange is also a holy colour. Think of Tibetan monks in their saffron and ochre-dyed robes, which are said to date back to Buddha’s time. Surround yourself with orange if you want to enjoy life to the full, balance your emotions and light a fire under your backside! My absolute favourite colour on this world. Nothing makes me feel better than wearing something orange. Try some meditation whilst wearing it and you may find that it helps.


The base or root chakra is associated with red. This chakra controls our sense of stability and survival. It’s about our foundations – whether our basic needs such as food and money are being met. Red is passionate and primal. It connects us with family and with our ancestors. In China red is a good luck colour. In both China and India, red has traditionally been the colour of wedding gowns. Wear red when you want some action, or need strength and courage. And, wear red to promote passionate love. Steer clear of red if you’re feeling angry or irritable, though – it’s the colour most associated with war and conflict. You can have too much of a good thing!

So there you have it – the magic of colours and their meanings. People have special affinities with certain colours, a colour above all else that makes them feel amazing. If you find your colour then wear it! If in doubt, why not wear all the colours of the rainbow? After all, the rainbow is sacred in many cultures. And, with that many powerful colours brought together in one phenomenon, it’s easy to see why!