Cornish Pewter Hippy Style Jewellery is here at Mystical Mayhem, and we know just how important an accessory like jewellery really is which is why Mystical Mayhem Clothing and Gifts have got together with a jewellery maker right here in the UK.

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Cornish Pewter Hippy Style Jewellery

Cornish Pewter Hippy Style JewelleryThe right piece of jewellery really can make an outfit something special. Bold outfit – not that we sell any bold hippy clothing here 😉 topped with a beautiful hippy Pewter necklace = perfection!
Our Cornish pewter jewellery is lovingly made here in the UK in the heart of Cornwall.  Our jewellery is made right where the famous Cornish tin mines are still found today.  Although tin is no longer mined in Cornwall there is still an abundance of tin to be found in the ground to this day. Many of you may or may not know but Cornwall has a long history of mining tin and working with pewter to produce beautiful pieces of jewellery. Many Pewter items sold in the UK are still made in Cornwall.

Each one of these lovely Pewter pendant necklaces have been cast in centrifugal moulds and then finished by hand in the traditional way. Keeping in line with Mystical Mayhem, we have chosen this Cornish company in particular to make this jewellery for us as the Pewter that they make is done so using recycled tin.  Interestingly, Pewter is an alloy of Tin (92%), Copper and Antimony.

Jewellery Range

We have such a huge range of Pewter pendant necklaces and a little something for everyone. For those animal lovers out there we have many lovely creatures to choose from, cats, hedgehogs, Cornish Pewter Hippy Style Jewelleryseahorses and much much more. We also have pendants that are flowers, some with Gems and some without, we have mythical creatures and we have symbols. What I have listed is just a very small amount of that we have. I guess you will just have to come and take a look at our full range of Pewter necklaces to see what we have for you.

Any piece from our Cornish pewter style hippy jewellery range will go wonderfully with any item of festival clothing that yo choose to pair it with. No outfit is too little or too much. Our jewellery will shine through regardless of your outfit.

Mystical Mayhem Hippy Clothing and Gifts love working with UK based businesses as well as our overseas producers.