Cotton Baggy Trousers

Cotton Baggy Trousers - Plain Baggy TrousersSometimes there is just nothing better than putting on a pair of comfortable baggy trousers. Fact!
After a day at work many people like to get home and change out of their work clothes. For many of us this means changing out of “normal” people clothes and into our normal hippy clothing.
There are those that like to get home and get into their jogging bottoms or PJ’s. Not us…. Here at Hippy Clothing HQ, these cotton baggy trousers are our go to baggies.

In all honesty, we are very lucky in the fact that we get to wear what we like in the office and so it is of course hippy clothing 24/7 in the life of a Bulman. There is nothing wrong with this though. Cotton Baggy Trousers - Tie Dye Baggy Trousers

We wouldn’t have it any other way!  These baggy trousers are a regular for me, at least twice a week. They are just so damn comfortable. The elasticated waist and ankles mean that they stay in place so there is no adjustment needed throughout the day.

I wear them pretty much everywhere and get so many comments on how fab they are and how comfortable they look. They really and truly are some of the most comfortable trousers I have ever worn.

Our Range of Cotton Baggy Trousers

These trousers look ace on both men and women and are totally suitable for both.
We have a mix of colours and styles. Plain for those who like comfort however are not too keen on bright colours and for those who like a splash of colour we offer a tie dye version. You can opt for either full or half tie dye depending on your tastes. The tie dye and the plain are exactly the same trousers but just dyed differently.

Due to the elasticated waistband on them, these trousers fit a wide variety of sizes. We try not to leave anyone out as it is our mission to ensure that everyone is colourful and comfortable.

Cotton Baggy TrousersWhere to Wear Your Trousers

These hippy trousers can be worn everywhere. Great for lounging however they also are great to wear out and about. Hiking, shopping, dinner out you name the occasion and you can wear them. They are also great for yoga as they have so much movement to them. Such versatile trousers.

Make great gifts for friends and loved ones or, a little treat for yourself! Why on earth not!