Cotton Ponchos are perfect for festivals or camping. Here at Mystical Mayhem hippy clothing we are proud to bring you our current range of wonderful thick weave cotton unisex hippy ponchos that are all handmade in Nepal.

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Cotton Ponchos

Cotton PonchosPonchos have been a stable part of festival life for many years and are now part of every festival goers  festival clothing kit. Why? Well, 1) They offer great warmth  2) are very very comfortable and 3) in addition to points 1 and 2, they come in many colours and styles to accommodate most peoples tastes.  I really could go on for ages on why poncho’s are so amazing! Here at Mystical Mayhem we are proud to bring you our current rage of wonderful thick weave cotton unisex hippy ponchos that are all handmade in Nepal.

We sell a such a lovely selection of handmade cotton thick weave ponchos with over 29 different varieties to choose from and each and every one of our cotton ponchos are are made from 100% Cotton.

These ponchos are handmade in Nepal and come in a variety of different colours. Each fair trade cotton poncho has a hood and a very handy front kangaroo pocket.  As the sides of these ponchos are not sewn together there are ties under each arm around waist height to help secure the poncho alternatively, you can just let the poncho hang freely.  The great thing about these fantastic cotton ponchos is the versatility.

Cotton Ponchos can be worn over other hippy clothing and jackets can be used as a blanket to keep you warm and I have been told that some use them as a nice picnic blanket or for the beach, sit on by day and wear by night.  These ponchos are especially popular with festival goers as they are nice and warm with plenty of material to wrap up in or use to sit on. What ever you mood or occasion we are sure our fantastic range of cotton ponchos will be loved.

Thick Weave Cotton Ponchos

Cotton Ponchos

As these hippy poncho’s are made from 100% Cotton it means these ponchos really are hard wearing and durable.  Cotton is probably one of the most used materials when clothing is concerned due to the hard wearing nature, softness and quality.   Because these cotton ponchos have been made from a thicker weave they are heavier and so fall in to shape well when being worn.

Due to the poncho’s being made from cotton they are easy to care for. Cotton is also an easy material to clean so you can look after your cotton poncho with great ease.  As first mentioned above we offer a large varieties of colours and these colours increase all the time as new stock arrives from Nepal.  Our current colours cater for both male and female poncho wearers so we are sure you will find something to suit your needs.

We also offer a light weight Acrylic wool Poncho for people who wish the warmth of a poncho but without the weight.

What is a Poncho?

A poncho is an garment designed to keep the body warm or, if made from a watertight material, to keep dry during rain. Poncho’s are an outer garment and have great practicality.  Ponchos are considered typical South American garments as it has been said that they have been used by the Native American people of the Andes for a very long time.

The poncho is essentially a single large sheet of fabric with an opening in the centre for the head.  Our cotton ponchos are fitted with fasteners to close the sides once the poncho is draped over the body, our ponchos also have hoods attached to help ward off wind and rain.  Just to clarify though like other cotton ponchos on the market our ponchos have not been wet weather treated and so will absorb water.

Because our poncho’s are made from 100% cotton and are also made in Nepal – the conclusion is that you know they are going to be good. Hippie clothing should be high quality as well as stylish and we hope that comes across in our range of clothing, we wear these clothes ourselves and so really get to test out the quality before adding them to the website.