Styles of Natural Remedies

Dried-HerbsIt has to be said that us hippy types do love preparing our own homemade natural remedies. There is nothing quite like growing your own herbs and then using them to create something that has healing, cleaning or soothing power. Its what we did in the past and so it’s great to be able to go back to grass roots and get really hippy about it.

Well, who knew that there were so many ways in which to make and prepare your hippy herbal remedies. When I first started looking into herbal remedies and concoctions, in my naivety I assumed that there would be one or 2. But oh no, there are so many!
In this article I will list a just few of them as there really are quite a few. In a couple of weeks we will give you wonderful folks some recipes that you can try on your very own. Once you start making your own remedies, it is really hard to stop as they are a great help. They easing aches, pains and are brilliant for re-invigoration . Give them a try! They are awesome fun to make too!
We have lots of remedies lying around here at Hippy Clothing HQ

There are so many free recipes online that you can take a look at and use for pretty much anything.  I urge you to take a look and see if you can find something that works for you.
NB – If you are taking any medication prescribed by a doctor then please check with them before taking any homemade herbal remedies as there are some herbs that can counter act and effect the healing properties of medications.

So my fellow hippie clothing fanatics, here goes;


Homemade Hippy Soap

Soap is a mix of fatty acids and salts and is used for personal hygiene, bathing, and hand washing. Oils, fragrances and preservatives are added into the mix to make the wonderful scents and moisturising properties that we see in today’s soaps. When I refer to soaps I mean the block soaps, also known as toilet soaps, and not liquid soaps. Most hippies that I know love to make their own soaps for fun rather than for healing purposes but, if you can have fun and make soaps that have great rejuvenation properties then why wouldn’t you. Soaps are easier to make than you think they make fantastic gifts. Adding herbs to your soap is great for medicinal purposes.

Handmade Hippy BalmSalves, Balms & Ointments

Dead simple to make if done right. Most salves can last for around 1-2 years although, I am pretty sure that you will need more. In that time I am sure that you will have used it all up. Basically salves. balms and ointments are topical ointments that are applied to certain areas of the body with the intent to sooth and heal.

Infusions & Teas

We all love a good cup of tea, well most of us do. For those that love a good cuppa, why not knock up a brew that can help you feel better. Yes, for ease you can pop down to the shop and buy some peppermint tea to help soothe your IBS. Or you can buy some Echinacea tea to help ward off a cold but, it really is not the same as making your own. Making your own is more often than not cheaper and, it will taste better as you know that it has been made by your own fair hands.
An infusion is made similar to teas however instead of drinking it you can use it in the bath. If you prefer you can even use it in lotions and creams.

Hippy LotionLotions & Creams

Similar to salves however they are of a different consistency and do not last as long. Usually if kept in the fridge they can keep for up to 2 months – if you can make them past that long 🙂
Another remedy that is easy to make and a joy to use. Lotions and creams are designed to be added to unbroken skin to smooth and moisturise. Add in some wonderful herbs and you have yourself a wonderful natural remedy.


Tinctures are herbal extracts that are taken by mouth. You would make tinctures using the same combination of herbs as if you were making a tea. A Tincture however, is another way of getting the herbs into the blood stream and is often easier to use when it comes to children. Tinctures enable the herbs to get into the bloodstream faster than other methods. This means that the action in your body is usually felt much faster. If you have made up a batch of tincture you can if you like add a few drops to warm water for an instant cup of tea!

Compress-Compresses & Poultices

These are great concoctions! Our bodies are great at absorbing stuff through the skin and this is why both poultices and compresses are wonderful.
Compresses are plant infusions or decoctions that are applied onto the skin using cotton linen cloths. The cloths are soaked in the infusions, wrung out and are then applied to the skin. Can be used hot or cold but both needs to be changed regularly.
A poultice is where you take your healing herbs and crush them, often making them into a paste using a bit of flour, however on their own they are fine. These crushed herbs are applied directly to the skin and covered with some gauze and a bandage. Voila!

Syrups & Lozenges

Great for sore throats and tickly coughs. Basically you choose what healing herbs you want and then boil them with honey or sugar depending on your tastes, honey is a wonderful soother. Depending on how long you boil etc is dependent on whether you want to make lozenges that you can suck on or a syrup that you can take by mouth.

There you have some of the most popular and effective styles of herbal remedies. Us hippy’s swear by them and they are something safe to use by all, including children.

Not only are they easy to make but they are convenient too. As you are making them you can store then in whatever containers that you like which means that, you can make travel size versions that you can carry around with you should you feel the need. Smaller containers also means that you can share and that you can give away to your hippy friends and family as gifts.

Perfect for taking along to your favourite hippy festivals!

Watch this space for some upcoming recipes….

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