Don’t Be Short on Shorts This Summer

Don't be short on shorts this summer - Hippy Shorts

Ah, the magic of the sunshine can make the world seem so much better. It is important to stay nice and cool in the heat and that is why we say don’t be short on shorts this summer. Let it never be said that us hippy types don’t like to show our legs off. Ok so not all of us but, wearing a nice cool pair of hippy shorts really helps!

My pegs only really get out in the open during the summer time and I can tell you it’s quite  a shock for most people who have to deal with it. Bright white and sun declined, they are after all a lovely shade of British White. A colour I feel many of us share… Let’s face it though, it doesn’t really matter how white or what shape your legs are –  if it’s hot they need to get out of those stuffy trousers and into something a little more comfortable.

Hippy Shorts – Keeping The Heat at Bay

I can’t tell you how hot it gets in the office over the summer. Unbearable would be an understatement..  Trousers really are a no in this place in the summer – if we could get away with it we would be wearing very little however, we want to encourage visitors not scare them away! We do love our hippy shorts here at hippy clothing HQ – it really makes such a difference to have some skin in the open air.

Men and women tend to agree that shorts are the way forward for keeping cool in this weather (a nice cold beer or a glass of bubbles helps as well).  We have a great range of shorts here for you to choose from. Our shorts will help you to keep cool  whilst looking awesome! We have shorts for both men and women and they shorts that are suitable for both. Our range includes cotton, denim and rayon and the styles vary from long shorts to short shorts. Pick what you like the look of and go from there.

Long Cotton Patchwork Festival Shorts Don;t Be Short on Shorts This Summer - Long-Cotton-Patchwork-Shorts

These long cotton shorts are perfect for those who are looking form something unique. Each pair of shorts has been hand stitched in Nepal using different patches of coloured and patterned materials.  The cotton used is a soft brushed cotton that is nice and thin allowing for some great air circulation. With 5 pockets per pair you are not short (haha short) of storage. You have 2 normal pockets, 2 side pockets which close using wooden toggles and a pocket on the backside. Available in one size only however, fear bot as they have an elasticated waistband which means that they can actually suit a variety of sizes.  These shorts are most commonly worn by the gents however, ladies look fab in them too!

Male Thai Hippy Shorts

Don't b short on shorts this summer - Male Hippy ShortsYes we call them male shorts as that is who they were designed for but, ladies don’t let that stop you. These awesome shorts have been made from soft and silky Rayon. Rayon is a very lightweight material which makes these just perfect for days out in the sun. Day’s lounging in the park, on holibobs or even at home – there is no occasion that they are not suitable for. I have even worn them in the sea.
These hippy shorts are available in varying colours and feature a brilliant Elephant design which we know that most of you love. One of our most popular styles of shorts that we sell, they really are well loved by so many.

Thai Ladies Hippy Rayon ShortsDon't be short on shorts -Thai-Ladies-Hippy-Shorts

Made using the same soft feel rayon as the male Thai shorts, these are essentially the female version. We say that they are more suited for women just because they are more fitted and short however, there is nothing to stop the men wearing them. These have the same Elephant print as the men’s version. Handmade in Thailand these shorts really are of excellent quality. One size only with an elasticated waist. One size does’t really mean one size haha! Features a back pocket so that you can carry a few essentials with you wherever you go.

Don't be short on shorts this summer - Tie-Dye-Hot-Pants-ShortsDenim Tie Dye Hot Pants/Shorts

Wow! These are a super popular range during festival season. These hand dyed shorts are made from excellent quality cotton and have been made in Thailand. Each and every single pair of shorts are unique making sure that you stand out from the crowd.  With 2 front pockets and 2 back pockets there is plenty of room for your bits and bobs.  The tie dye designs are nice, bright and colourful just as tie dye should be. Typically hippy clothing – something which we should all have in our hippie clothing collection. Available in over 6 different sizes, we have sizes for most.

Here we have shown you just a little of what we have to offer. We are constantly on the lookout for new and exciting designs and so watch this space.

If it’s going to be hot then wearing shorts is a no brainer.  Our hippy style shorts come with elasticated waist bands and are perfect for festival, gardens, offices or just lounging around the house in. We offer both male and female shorts.  The men’s are longer and provide cover down towards the knee.  We know however that you girls like to have your shorts short, we offer a great little festival hot pant short with lace or pom pom trim as well as a normal pair of shorts.

As soon as the sun comes out us Brits just can’t wait to get our body parts tanned or we at least attempt to get a tan, sometimes the results are not quite what we were going for but you can’t knock us for trying right?