Download Music Festival 2017

Date: 9th-11th June 2017
Location: Donnington Park
Ticket Prices:
5 night Camping + festival ticket – £215
3 night Camping + festival ticket – £205
Weekend Ticket – £180
Day Ticket – £83 per day

Download is a legendary, award winning festival dedicated to hard rock and metal. Awesome!
Download festival was a follow on from the Monsters of Rock Festival and has been going strong since 2003 and I hope will continue way into the future!

Download has always managed to get some of the biggest names playing at their festival for example, the very first Download which was held 31st May – 1st June 2003 featured bands such as Iron Maiden, Reef, Marilyn Manson, HIM, Deftones and many many more awesome bands.
One of the things that I like about download is that they manage to pull this off every year with amazing bands across all stages.

I have been to so many festivals in my time however, sad to say that Download is not one of them, not even for a day. This is not because I do not like the festival it just so happens that I always seem to have something else on that I have agreed to attend prior to the release dates. Perhaps one day! I have many friends and family who love the festival and go year on year and rave about it for months after telling me how awesome it was and I how would have loved it…..

Have you seen the line up for this year? It looks soooooo good.

Friday Night Headliner is System of A Down – these guys are wkd. I have loved these guys for years and finally managed to get to see them at Reading Festival a few years back and they were sweet! I could watch them again and again.

Saturday Night Headline- Biffy Clyro – another amazing band. I have all of their albums however live, just cannot beat it.

Sunday Night Headliner – Aerosmith – I am so gutted that we are going to miss this, I imagine that they would be rocking to watch, just outstanding. I have heard that they have such stage presence. 🙁

To view the full festival line-up  – click here

The headlines this year are just class and so are the rest of the bands on throughout the weekend. I imagine a fantastic weekend lies ahead for thousands of rockers and metal fans.

As well as the music being tops at Download, I have also heard that the campsites and the facilities are 2nd to none. You hear such horror stories  of the states of the loos at festivals. I have to say I have seen some very interesting things in some loos at a festival including a poo pyramid. That’s as much as I am going to say, I am sure you can imagine….. quick tip – try to work out when the toilets are cleaned each morning and then use them right after, that way you can have a poop in a clean toilet!

If you want to do to Download and camp then you actually have quite a few options:

Standard Camping – this is a turn up and pitch your tent where you can in the main camping arena. Kind of a free for all where the party goes all day and all night long. There will be so many people that barely sleep at all during this festival so be prepared to hear laughter and joviality. Nothing wrong with that though, it’s part of the reason that we go. Meet new people, have a laugh and listen to some cracking live music.

Quiet Camping – this is a campsite in a field separate from the main camping arena. Great for those with kids or for any that like to go back to their tents once the music has finished and try to get a good night’s sleep. The quiet campsite has a curfew of midnight so you have to be back in by then and also, all music will need to be turned off. Talking, laughter and fun is still allowed as it is called the quiet campsite and not the silent campsite. You will no doubt hear sounds from the main arena and campsite however it will be much more peaceful.

Caravans and Campervans – if you have one of your own and would like to camp in comfort then you are able to take it along. There are extra camping charges for this but I am sure totally worth it 🙂

These are just the standard camping options however there seem to be a plethora of VIP camping options for you to choose from. I would advise taking a look as they have some great looking options  including proper toilets and hot showers!!!!

If you go to Download Festival, apart from listening to music and chillaxing wit your friends, you will not be short of a thing or two to do. There will be food stalls galore, beer tent heaven, clothing and jewellery stalls for you to look at amongst so many other things.

Although I have never been – yet – from what I have read, from the line-ups and from what I hear from friends, I would highly recommend it to anyone.

Why not give it a go and see who you get on. I am sure you will love it.

Peace out and Rock on!!!