Patchwork Hippy DungareesDungarees are the Don!

Much to my excitement, dungarees have done the rounds and are back with a vengeance and, it looks as though they are back to stay. Woohoo! Dungarees are one of the most versatile pieces of hippy clothing that you can get. They are available in so many different styles and can be worn in so many different ways. They also work for both men and women. What’s not to love?!??!

Whats it all about?

Hippy Dungarees Person Example

I recall that when I was younger, if you wore dungarees it was called the ‘farmer’ look however, wear them now and no one bats an eyelid. Dungarees really have come on in leaps and bounds since they were first around.

Back in the day, I used to live in plain ole denim dungarees with a pair of flats or perhaps a pair of DM’s depending on my mood. Then, as much as it seems everyone loved them, they just  seemed to fade from existence for a time. I have no idea why as they were just so so popular. Now though, it is a very different story and they are everywhere again. This time round though instead of one style, it would seem that there are a pair of dungarees for every occasion, in every colour and every fabric. Of course, at the moment whilst they are having a revival they are all over the magazines and in the high street stores. I have been reading about some of the styles and there are so many of them… You have;

-Standard Straight Leg Dungarees which are the ones that we will have grown up with.
-The Skinny Boyfriend Dungarees which have skinnier legs and are rolled up at the bottom opting for the lazy look
-The Distressed Dungarees with the faded colour and the ripped legs
-The Flared Dungarees which have nice wide flared legs. To be honest I like quite a lot as they look very nice and are the only ones that are remotely hippy.

I have even seen some in leather which to be honest scare me a little!

All of the above are great, however, they are mostly all denim and I have only seen them  available in plain block colours with little or no detail other than a few buttons and a pocket or 2 and, they just aren’t what we would call hippy! Non hippy is the reason why, here at Mystical Mayhem Clothing we are very proud of our new yet growing dungaree collection.

Our Dungarees


All of our dungarees are made with hippy’s and hippie clothing in mind and are all handmade for authenticity and individuality.  We don’t have any denim dungarees as you can get them just about anywhere. Ours are all made from a nice soft cotton so that they are cosy and super comfortable. Each pair of our dungarees have been made for ultimate hippy style and comfort. They all have nice wide legs, kind of like genie harem trousers, except bigger. They all have your standard pockets and buttons on the side but, what really makes these different is the style. Each and every pair is unique meaning that you will never have the same as another hippy. Fab eh?! I could go on for ages about our dungarees however, I think you really need to see and judge their awesomeness for yourself. So many colours and styles to choose from with more to come shortly!

Dungarees used to just be called dungarees however now they go overalls also. To me overalls are totally different however I guess they could say they are a style of overalls.. What do you think?

But Why?

If you do not have a pair of dungarees in your wardrobe I would highly recommend it. Gone are the days when you had to just wear them with flats, you can now wear them with just about any shoe that you like depending on the occasion. Platform heels, kitten heels, wedges and sandals all get worn with hippy dungarees these days. To be honest, one of the great things about the hippy mentality and the hippy clothing style is that anything goes. Wear what you want and be happy. Who cares if it clashes or doesn’t quite go as well as mainstream clothing. Make yourself stand out. Make yourself unique and make people wonder where you got your wonderful hippy clothing. Hold your head up high and own it!!

A really fantastic thing is that they work really well for a lazy day at home, gardening and chilling out and, they are also great for days and nights out with friends. Guaranteed you will be the talk of the town as you will look great…ok so cannot really guarantee but you will look amazing of that I am sure. Everyone of any gender, size or race looks grand in a pair of hippy dungarees 🙂