Ethical Hippy Clothing at Mystical Mayhem Hippy Clothing.  All of our products are produced and sourced from ethical manufacturers who like us believe in producing ethically sourced clothing. We work very closely with our suppliers to make sure this remains at the heart of our business.
Ethical Clothing


Ethical Hippy Clothing

Ethical Hippy ClothingLet’s start with the word ethical shall we – basically it means the principals of morality. Right and wrong behaviour and how we apply it to our daily lives. If you are describing something as ethical it means that are saying that it is morally right or morally acceptable. Everyone knows what is right and wrong and so therefore, we all know the meaning of ethical and what it means to be ethical. We take this very seriously when deciding which supplier that we use to buy our hippy clothing from. Ethics plays a major part in what we do.

The term ethical hippy clothing is kind of an umbrella term. Quite a lot sits under hat umbrella to be honest.. To be able to use the term ethical clothing  many factors must be considered. From design, production, and retail, all the way through to purchasing. This all covers such a huge range of potential issues similar to fair trade which checks for decent working conditions, exploitation, and making sure that the production of the wonderful festival clothing is sustainable without detrimental effect to the environment and human and animal welfare. In essence we want to make sure that we are maximising the benefits to people and their communities  whilst minimising the impact of the environment within which we live.

Why Choose Ethical Hippy Clothing?

Ethical Hippy Clothing

Hippy’s are all about ethics which is why we do what we do. We source from some of the best fair trade and ethical suppliers so that we can bring you awesome, fair trade and ethical clothing. Not only will you look good, but you can feel good too and wear your hippie clothing guilt free as you can rest easy knowing that it is ethical hippie clothing that you are wearing.

Ethical hippie clothing is loved so much by us here that we wear the clothing ourselves and think ethical clothing is so important in this day and age.  With everything else that is going on in the environment, the least that we  can do is look to source ethically made clothing. We think that responsibly sourced materials are key and once you have that you can then follow in with everything else. Sometimes it can be so hard to find ethically sourced clothing. Not just hippie clothing but all clothing which is why we do what we can.

Making the world a brighter place, one piece of ethical hippie clothing at a time – Mystical Mayhem